Celestial Academy

While the Aristarchus Station is truly magnificent, the Celestial Academy within the station is truly no less the same to behold. A central hub on the upper levels of the main body of the station spirals out to eight distinct wings designed to combine the artifacts of modern technology being created by the Society of the Sacred and the top engineers and technologists of the day. It truly is state of the art.

This school of higher learning has a singular focus, to identify those children of bloodlines associated with the legends of old. As a Phenom is identified for inclusion into Canterbury Halls, the bloodline is identified of those individuals ready to interact with magic as well. Much like legends past, only these individuals can unlock the potential magic of an artifact of the nature such as these in this very school.

Whether its magic infused Particle Pistols are Tephlex powered armor, or drones imbued with magic to the formidable mecha and space craft, it is the Adroits that have the potential to tap into and utilize the inherent magic in these modern artifacts.

While mage and scientist work side by side to locate powerful enough components to imbue and fuse with the machines, running it from the heart of the technology through veins of lay lines or wires running within the very technology itself, it takes the appropriate genetic chemistry to tap into the crystals fused into the hilt of a weapon or control panel of such technology.

At the Celestial Academy, Adroits learn not only how to unleash such potential, but also the art of modern war. While it was nearly a lost art, the past 20 years of fighting the Curselings has lead to the reemergence of large and small scale conflict has lead to development and advancements designed to return the fight and, hopefully, reclaim what has been taken.

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