Canterbury Halls

Between worlds is the small, magical realm of Avalon and in Avalon is the school known as Canterbury Halls. The Society of the Sacred are a group of beings called mages that serve to protect Earth and its Solar System. As magic has once again returned to humans so too have they returned as promised.


The school is at the center of Avalon, a castle unto itself, home of the Society of the Sacred. The realm is surrounded by four regions that seem impossible to reach and may well be a barrier. It is unknown if these four realms are designed to protect the students or keep something out, the Society talks little of these areas other than to note they are off limits.

Aside from the school, there are lush grounds and forests and rivers typical to some isle on earth, or the legends of Avalon of old. It is here the Phenoms gather regularly for instruction on both topics related to the magical arts and training in the magical arts themselves. From study of the Curselings to Magical Defense and development, the Society seeks to assure students are prepared for defending the Solar System from what is to come.

The Phenoms are not just students but are expected to operate in the field as needed, with some guidance from the Society, they will work with the established military of the solar system as well as the Adroits. Its not a free ride. As a Phenom is not identified until they are 16, they do not enter the 1st year of training at Canterbury until they complete their Secondary Education (High School); 16 is standard year of completion throughout the solar system for this.

Canterbury Halls is a school of Higher Education (post-secondary).

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