A mixture of methane collection, for the purpose of greenhouse conversion for the TerGen process of other planets and moons, along with tholin mining, made Oberon a prime location for colonization. Couple with its position as the outermost major moon of Caelus, Oberon saw a spurt of growth which lead to Summatos becoming the capital of the Caelus system.

Oberon has sense become a leading factor in science research in the solar system. The observatories of Oberon, when conjoined with sister stations on Titania as the two moons hit opposite ends of their orbit around Caelus form the largest base array when observing distant suns and planets. The greatest level of accuracy is obtained when using the entire Caelus system as the base of a parallax for such observations. As such, the sensors and observational technology here are sub-par to none. The detail is so rich from the technology on Oberon that even glimpses of already colonized planets and moons from here is redefining the relative locations and ephemerides of our known system.

The largest amounts of fighting are currently on Oberon as Curselings take other cities and prepare for attacks against both Summatos and the science stations. Space Force Command is unsure yet what may happen should the observation and communication arrays be captured here. A precaution is the removal of data and data systems, though it is not known if the Curselings understand or even access technology as we know it, it is more for safety of the inner planets and remaining outer planets as the Curse spreads.

The city of Lexellfield has long been at the forefront of science related to the study of Curselings. In the city at the Herschel Science Center, many of the top authorities on the matter research and study what is known of the Curse and its advance.

Bodeton is a nearby city to Lexellfield, its primary concern is the study and further advancement of utilization for methane and ammonia along with the tholins from the atmosphere of Caelus and Oberon itself.

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