An early prospect of colonization, and despite being the largest moon of Caelus, Titania never became the center of governance and administration of the Caelus system. Yet, it serves as both research and science sister moon to the capital moon, Oberon. Due to their relation and distance from Caelus, they not only deal in medical advances from tholins at this distance from the sun, but are the primary observation posts for the Oort cloud and anything beyond our solar system.

The central city of Titania is Bellatron is, perhaps, one of the greater centers of medical research and advancement in the solar system. Bolstered by the recent wars in the Neptune System at a time when the planets were near enough that Space Force Command could stage on the moon itself, this has only grown in recent years. This includes the study of the Curse and Curselings.

Titania remains the only untouched moon, by the Curse, in the Caelusian system. There is much effort to preserve this and yet there is an evacuation of individuals and databanks to Saturn and Salian City as the fighting spreads on Oberon towards the Caelusian capital of Summatos.

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