Despite colonization in the last couple of centuries, Umbriel served as a primary source of tholins for many centuries. Outposts were maintained initially by early miners and as the Council of Planets formed, the unified structure changed many of these old outposts into military bases and stations.

The first city, and ever its capital, is Thalestron is a wondrous city in the shadows of darkness around Caelus. For as much as the focus remains mining of the tholins of Umbriel, there is as much effort put into the play of this seeming 'workers' city. While not always a prime choice of profession among Humans, its more the lure of that leisure time in Thalestron that has been the lure to draw more individuals wishing to mine the moon itself.

This has changed as Umbriel was the next location of the Curse, after the fall of Neptune. It is not completely occupied, rumors insist that the Curselings have use of the tholins to supplement their dark magics, much in the same way humans of the Neptune system have.

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