There is less of a set structure to classes, where 'year one' students must take a certain number of required courses with some electives. The basis of education withing Canterbury Halls stems from the necessity to not only learn to utilize and cast magic but also to be prepared for dealing with the Curse as it spreads. This does include actual training sessions designed to cast offensive and defensive spells, as well as field adaptation to changing circumstances.

Training session range from small group to a focus on working within one's Commorancy. These divisions are not simply an aesthetic choice for housing, but the idea of a balance between two seemingly opposed ideals or philosophies is one of the key tenets of training. Working with a connate that is seemingly in conflict helps each student accept potential weakness while being able to communicate this to another who can certainly make up for it. Connate training is as important as the small group training.

Likewise, training with Adroits is also one of the standard training sessions likely to occur on a regular basis as is military training and support. Despite the school being something akin to a magical school of higher education, there is a real purpose to learning at the school and a real threat to face in the solar system. Even with limited training, Phenoms may be chosen to assist teams as needed to combat the spread of the Curse.

Classes and Class 'Trees'

Casting 101

A focus on the importance of words, gestures and even components and how they affect the potential shaping of a spell; this includes the concept of elements and the home worlds of the Phenoms as relates to relative elemental magic based on their birth and ancestor.

Speechless Spellcasting (200 level casting)

A focus on the difficulty of reduction in word and audible noise while casting, an overview of when an where with some measure on the importance of keeping the spoken word versus audible output for stealth and other circumstance.

Counter Casting (200 level casting)

The focus of Counter Casting begins with identifying words and gestures and components readily enough to assist in the protection against spells as they are being cast.

Planetary Environmental Science

A focus on the planetary system and moons relative to magical potential. Including understanding of how this can be affected by the Curse, or how the Curse could manifest itself in different environments and how Phenoms may be prepared. There is a strong emphasis on Environmental survival sans magic, as well as supplemented by the various elements and magics Phenoms may have at their disposal.

Curselings and the Curse (200 Level Environmental Sciences)

This is a more specific look at the Curselings and the Curse. How they affect environment to make it more suitable to them, what effects this may have on individuals remaining under the Curse and how they are sustained as some sort of bio-magical stimulant from which the Curselings draw energy and a look at why they may be in this very dimension, invading human habitat.

Curseling Physiology (300 level Environmental Science)


A look at various types of wards and shields. This is distinct from Counter Casting in that threats are not detected but instead prepared for and how a ward may be prepared in a readiness for the unknown.

Keeping the Inside Out (200 level Warding)

This class beings to distinguish physical and mental attacks and preparing for one, the other, or both. It looks at sustained warding as well as warding of others, including objects and locations to deter, turn away, or out right refuse entrance by means of a ward.

Healing Magic

An understanding of life forces and the benefits magic has to offer. While modern medicine does a great deal, this class begins to look at how magic may better benefit medicine. More importantly, in situations without medicine, how magic readily serves as first aid and even primary healer.

Sensing Lifeforce (200 Level Healing)

With a basic knowledge of life force, this class begins to look at various means to not only sense lifeforce, but how to find it, to track it, to strengthen it.

Objectifying the Object (100 Level Inanimate)

This class begins the teachings of working with the inanimate. Whether simple levitation or strengthen an object to moving and teleporting other objects and the begins of how to make the inanimate animate.

Elementary Objects (200 level Inanimate)

This class beings to look at how ones connate is a guide to elements and how sort of objects may be better selected to improve results of magical interactions between Phenom and the inanimate world around them.

Object on the Go (200 level Inanimate)

A look at how better to make the object mobile. This is second step to animating the inanimate. It includes understanding better the physics of simple machines and how concepts of inertia and such mechanics can influence the idea of making something mobile.

Better to Objectify (300 Level Inanimate)

A discourse between direct magical affect versus sustained magical strengthening of objects including casting longer lasting spells on weapons, armors, and other items regularly used. Objects with great purpose and their benefit when combined with magic.

The Golem in You (400 Level Inanimate)

This is the last level of animating raw material into something mobile and, in a manner, breathable; at least prior to independent studies in the inanimate world.

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