An over view to Chargen


Have a concept in mind, do not be a one trick pony. Staff will review apps, not as a hurdle to RP but so we can help you integrate into the game rather than be so far removed that its hard to find RP.

Decide if Phenom/Adroit or Adult. Staff meta will center more around the Curselings, with more specific focus of our plots relating to the Phenoms and Adroits. Adults are welcome and may be eligible for more starting dice, but those who take the bonus will be required to either run PrP or serves as FC's (even FH level) with requirements to run regular events for other players.

If you choose Phenom or Adroit, decide how your element and magic interacts with your environment. This is purely fluff affect but we would like to know this. These are the unique characters our game will focus on, we would like to help each player maintain that sense of uniqueness.

All other concepts fall into the 'Adult' category. Any level of profession is welcome: Military, public servants, Law and Legal professions, Movie Stars, Sports, or anything else one fancies.

Advanced Char Options (Adult chars only)

While we are not adopting the 'points per year of adventuring' option, we are offering for Adults to come in with more experience.

An adult is a bit of a misnomer, most adults are age 16 or older, it simply refers to any character that is not in a Phenom or Adroit.

We have two options above basic characters. Skilled/Journeyman and Expert. Each comes with requirements once such a character is on the grid.

Skilled Option

For a character in the 20+ range that is plying their profession after some tech school or post-secondary education, they may choose to be a Journeymen or Skilled character. They will be granted 15 additional skill dice.

Requirement It is assumed they will be somewhat central to generating RP around them. They should develop PrPs and run things for the individuals around them. We would like to see some on-going plot development, in the form of logs on the wiki, at least bi-weekly. This should include more than 2 of the same individuals from week to week (others should be incorporated).

Expert Option

Characters age 25~30+ can be experts, they will be granted 30 additional skill dice to build their character.

Requirement It is expected they will run some sort of faction or group as an FH-type character. This does not need to be something already in theme, they can choose an original entity or sub-entity. However, they must take in other chars who are interested. They should not only run PrPs regularly for their 'faction' but should offer a +event at least bi-weekly for other players to join at random. The +event can have a limited number of participants that is manageable by the player taking this option but these 'slots' should be open to the entire player base.

In the CG Rooms

Physical Attributes Room

In the first room you will set race, planet, concept, gender, height and weight.

Race is only human. There is potential to expand on this, but at present, staff do not yet see this as opening up. We are only playing humans.

Planet are the 8 major bodies in our current solar system. Some of these are or may be occupied by Curselings at some point, characters are still welcome from these planets. This is not reason to make up some wild maverick story of escaping through wit and talent alone. They were either rescued by the Society, the military at some point or evacuated with family earlier in life prior to occupation.

Concept is to distinguish between Phenom, Adroit or an Adult. It will help others identify the characters place when seeking RP.

Gender is not some control mechanism or scheme. It is simply a built in tool for the code to identify the gender term one associates with (him/her he/she).

Height and Weight are metric. In game, one may rapidly enter a figure with decimal here and it will display both in meters and US measurements. To help, here is a quick reference chart:

Height in Meters Height in Feet and Inches
1.0 3' 3"
1.25 4' 1"
1.5 4' 11"
1.75 5' 9"
2.0 6' 7"

We'll stop the chart there. We are assuming people do not keep getting taller from a genetics standpoint. Chances of even being 7' tall are on the scale of 1 in 1.5 mil. That's roughly 6K per 10 Billion people. There should be little purpose to go beyond 2 meters in height, we're just not all tall.


Weight in Kilograms Weight in US Pounds
50 110
75 165
100 220
125 276
150 331

There should be little purpose to go above or below this scale for weight.

Traits Room

Entering this room, the first step is to '+reset'. This will generate dice pools to distribute among attributes, skills and specializations. It will set all attributes to the minimum number based on being human (2D for everything except Metaphysics which is set to 0D).

To customize the character, the following dice pools will be allotted in this room:

  • Attribute Dice: 6D
  • Additional Skill Dice: 7D

Attributes are described in game.

A Note on Metaphysics.

This starts at zero and must be raised, it will take away from other attributes and skills, they are costly to raise out of CG, but this balances with the abilities one gains with the Metaphysics attribute and its skill branch. Max Metaphysics is set to one, this can be raised out of CG through +requests only. It is costly to be a magically touched character and with good reason.

For more information on abilities and skills, use +sinfo in game.

  • '+sinfo attribute' will list all associated skills
  • '+sinfo skill' will list all associated specializations.

When spending points, Attribute and Skill dice and pips are one for one. If you raise something from 2D to 3D+1, it will remove 1D+1 from your appropriate Dice Pool. Specializations are 3D for 1D of Skill Dice, or 1D in a specialization will lower the pool by 1 pip.

Phenoms and Adroits

Add one BG section related to the manifestation of your magic. Fire magic will manifest different from shadow magic (ie a fire mage will probably have damage spells come out as some sort of fire attack, a shadow mage will involve shadows). You may have a preference for some sub element as suitable to the element associated with your planet (Mars is Fire, perhaps you prefer Lava; Jupiter is Air, but maybe you prefer 'weather').

Note: Your element is important. Some enemies may be of a certain element, if it is opposite your element, you gain +5 to damage with your spells/attacks by your element, as well you're damage resistance is +5 against attacks by your opposed element. This only applies to the environment, not in some PvP fashion.


Should chose one type of technology/item/etc. they wish to use and have appropriate skills to build and use said items.

Examples: A mecha pilot should have mecha operation to use their enhanced mecha, and should have mecha repair to build and repair their mecha. If they use magic sword or armor, the ability to use and/or repair the items would be required.

Once an artifact is destroyed, the CG points (or character points after CG) are lost.

The 'magic' they imbue the artifact with is chosen from special abilities (all are listed here). Once imbued into the item, that ability only applies to that artifact and only when the Adroit is using it.

CG costs: Number in parentheses is the base cost per rank; total cost of ranks is the number of skill dice to purchase it. This is not a function in CG, contact staff to verify the special ability cost is accurate and they will remove the skill dice, adding the special ability to your sheet and into your BG.

Post CG Cost: Character Points (CPs) may be used to raise or buy more abilities to imbue an artifact (or artifacts) with after character generation. The cost in CPs is 5x the base cost, plue 1 CP per rank; ie Environmental Resistance costs 5 CP to purchase after CGen, it costs 6 CP to raise to Rank 2 (Base cost x 5=5 CP, +1 CP as it is Rank 1).

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