Crane Connate

Rooted in the tradition of earth and born of Earth, the Crane Connate is as much about strength as standing ones ground. No matter the strength of a wall, it is the moment an enemy sees the wall that it makes the first move. While earth is solid rock, it is dexterous as dust in the wind when it needs to be. It is the cunning of forcing the other to make choices already anticipated that is the strength of Earth.

The Phenoms and Adroits of Earth learn strength, but also that cunning. Its not simply to overcome by strength, but to focus that strength against the correct points of weakness. Thus being the strength to stand up for what one believes is more important than the strength itself. Protecting what one believes in and being the pillar of ideological strength that gives others that same courage is a focal point. Choosing to be the wall is the first choice, it is an easy resolve, it is one choice, when the enemy must make the choice to approach the wall or go around, they will begin to reveal weakness in having to decide which is more suitable to them in that moment of decision.

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