Eagle Connate

Those phenoms and adroits naturally inclined towards Air and its sub elements are born of Jupiter and the Society of the Sacred have given this group to become the Eagle Connate. Creative, free of form, and generally viewed is light minded wanderers, travelers and vagabonds even, their strengths are often hidden from others in these perceptions.

Indeed, the magic and philosophy of Eagle Connate is laced with the concept of hidden in plane site. Where an open hand might seem ready to strike as a claw, it is more the open hand is one ready to suppress and control its enemy more so than strike and lash out. The hand can strike, but is just as often supportive as well. Its knowing when to do either and yet, flowing that the intention is not truly revealed.

While seeming to be free of form, there is an underlying sophistication to philosophy of the Eagle Connate. In the end, one seeks more to immobilize than strike out randomly, and once controlled, a simple strike to finish what one has started is the key element. It is far more cunning than chaotic as at first the members of the Eagle Connate may appear.

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