Leopard Connate

Phenoms and Adroits of the Leopard Connate are born of Mars and have a strong association with fire or elements related to fire. Be it lava, steam, heat, volcanoes and other destructive elements, the members of Leopard Connate have a strong association with anger and aggression.

While they may of being hot headed or prone to action may be readily at the front of thoughts by those who view the members of the Leopard Connate, an underlying value comes from other elements of importance. Warmth and care are the other side of the coin. From the fever that can burn out a virus to the warmth of a fire used to cook something to make someone feel better. That warmth can be just as much a comfort to another as anyone else.

The same, its not pure strength and raw aggression alone that can overcome a foe, but speed and cunning. Two elements of the fire that are overlooked by the chaos of seemingly destructive rage.

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