Mantis Connate

From Saturn, the phenoms and adroits from this system are placed into the Mantis Connate. It seems often overlooked the strength of Wood and its sub elements, as observers tend to see the outward nature of the Mantis in this Connate. Be it small of stature or insignificant, one doesn't realize the strength each member of this connate retains within.

Much as the animal chosen, the strength to endure while not rushing to a conclusion is a key point in this philosophy. Given the time, one doesn't have to decide until one is one hundred percent sure of the results pursuant to a course of action they are going to take. Its as much knowing one's true strength while standing and enduring the strength of another, and deciding when best to use that strength to overcome obstacles.

Despite seeming the smallest of targets, they can choose to stand and endure and make that one key strike to encourage those around them. It takes quiet and peaceful study and approach and not acting irrationally but waiting for that moment of opportunity. To not only make ones strength count, but for it to count a hundred-fold.

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