Monkey Connate

Associated with the element of metal, members of the Monkey Connate originate on the planet Mercury. There is a juxtaposition of concepts to the outsider when considering the Monkey and Metal and one doesn't often see the Monkey standing rigid as metal even in the strongest of winds.

While the Society of the Sacred does believe strongly in the strength and rigidity of metal and this is taught to members of Monkey Connate, so to are other qualities of metal, including metal in other states of matter including liquid.
There is some element of distraction to the outward displays at times, of the monkey and the philosophy as taught by the Society of the Sacred also embraces the fluidity of thought to instead grapple with problems and wrangle into submission. To view a problem from all sides and exchange with it until a phenom or adroit in this connate overcomes the problem by learning to control the problem. This cannot be truly gained until that problem is truly learned.

Even times when it looks like a Monkey is foolishly interacting with the world around them, it is an opening of themselves to face the problem and others from all sides, to know all they can before finding that moment of control, of truly knowing the intent of the problem and working with it or bending it to the intent of the Mantis.

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