Snake Connate.

Associated with the element of darkness and its sub elements, members of the Snake Connate originate in the Neptune System. Much like the darkness associated with the system, they are often seen as sneaky, dark and cunning.

The view is not entirely consistent with the philosophy taught by the Society of the Sacred however, as it includes the ideology of taken the offense and being visible such to force the enemy to take a defensive position. And then to exploit weaknesses. More so, there is a strength of hope in the snake that many overlook when considering that cunning. The coils of a snake are reminiscent of rebirth and cycles, cunning is an awareness of the surrounding and what it is one may be fighting for; humanity. The coils can heal and protect, share warmth and strength. But, like the snake, when dealing with an enemy, one still has to strike and the Snake sees themselves as those ones just the same. Fighting rather than hiding to protect what it is they truly value.

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