Tiger Connate

Associated with elemental water and forms thereof, members of Tiger Connate originate from Caelus. Overall seen as compassionate and with a general association with healing, the Tiger Connate is sometimes misunderstood. Water can indeed be deadly, especially in other forms such as ice. Water is thus associated with the Tiger by the Society of the Sacred in the forming of the Tiger Connate.

Life balance is still a central philosophy among the strong desire by most Phenoms and Adroits born to Caelus. However, the concept that a tiger protects its own and will kill anything that intends harm is not overlooked by members of the Tiger Connate. Unlike other connates it is the discipline of mine and the overall goal of protection of human kind that retains the ideas of compassion that seem idealized by the connate.

They often tend to gravitate towards assisting others or defending others rather than take the spotlight.

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