An overview of various actors, actresses, films and film studios that are popular in the year 3018


Actor Famous for…
Maddox Sterling Rugged good looks and of a mature age. Known for starring in his younger years in roles that tended to expose his chest a lot. Now takes more intellectual roles involving him being cunning, but still having those muscles from his youth for when they're needed. His best role was a few years ago, playing the deceased father to the lead in flash backs in a film called Sunshine of the Wasteland.
Kiran West Funnny, witty, cute borderline handsome. Tends to play slightly nervous but funny characters on the verge of some greater life mystery, tends to be guided by the wisdom of the supporting actress/actor in these roles and even when billed as main star, tends to bring up the co-star through the companionship as displayed through his acting. Has done a few roles opposite Kellie Kitt, rumored to be a thing.
Skylar Silver An actor that plays a lot of athletes on film, known for the Magne-Madness series from last decade. A series of 8 films about a MagneTrack Racer and dealing with illicit activity on the side of the races. One was made for each planet. After the filming of this series, Skylar was in a bad accident and lost a leg; prior to having it regrown, he played in a wartime movie about the Neptunian Conflict and a soldier returned from the war dealing with internal conflict while waiting for the same procedure. He's yet to make a big mark since the regrowth of that leg, skeptics worry he'll go back to playing a MagneTrack Racer but fans hope for a more mature role to be his next big work.
Vic Starr A regular leading man in most of his works. Good actor but usually shadows of all his roles in one, or shadows of himself in every role. Has several awards over the past few years and is up again for several best male actor awards for his role in Terminal Payback
Actress Famous for…
Marissa Rey Actress known for strong roles, mostly emotional but has spent time getting physically fit in recent years. Marissa Rey made a few films as a young actress then seemed to fade away. Rumors of addictions abound, hope lost among her fans, she made a triumphant return as a young officer from the Neptunian Conflict. That was the beginning of her getting more and more into shape. This year critics are heralding her role in Infinite Conquest. Producers at Oracle Films tend to prefer her in their projects.
Lillian Bishop Never the recipient of a leading actress to date, for the last five years her films have still been golden. She is often searched for in various databases and receives a lot of press despite that one thing missing from her impressive resume to date. Lillian tends to take a lot of causes under her wings from supporting refugees of the wars to political environmental protection. Something she was involved with prior to raising to acclaim, many critics question if the uses the platform of acting to support the causes or uses the causes to bring attention to her own acting career. Regardless, Lillian is highly a fan favorite.
Kellie Kitt Smart, Sexy, Sacracstic, Kellie is often in roles associated with everywoman. Rather than some hero born of a mettle to be admired, she lends the idea that the woman rises to the need. In some way, it seems a fit that Kiran West is often her support role. The rumors abound of the two being an item. Often seen together, neither has confirmed what their relationship is. Their current hit, Frozen Shores, was written by her.
Lena Tempest Lena is known for the diversity she brings to roles. Often times, it takes a regular fan to point out it is her as she has a chameleon like quality in her acting. Several years ago she was made famous for playing a mad woman in a Phenomenon Productions thriller and before the dust could settle from critiques suggesting she would be type case as that role for years to come, she had a follow up hit in a golden romantic comedy the revolved around aging co-stars where she one a best actress.

Films and Studios

Movie Leading Role About
Infinite Conquest Marissa Rey A film about a mercenary (Marissa Rey), who served in the Astro Corps at the beginning of the Caelusian Battles. Having served three tours during the Battles for Umbriel, she is granted retirement. After a series of haunting nightmares she finds she is drawn to Oberon as fighting increases (present day). Speculative work on what drives the Curselings and some ancient dream shared between humans and the monsters that are invading, her character shares the link and knows the secret to defeating them. The audience is left hanging as the struggles is more about the main characters want to battle while feeling out of place when not at war. She is going to the place her dream led her, but its not certain she will end the war by the end of the picture. No plains for a sequel.
Terminal Payback Vic Starr Returning as the main character, Vic Starr portrays a man that is continuously out for revenge against some criminal element that has taken his family from him. Robbed of necessity allowances to the point of being in debt to the mob like Shadow Corp, a fictitious criminal element in the Payback movie series, Vic Starr traipses about the planets to get payback on yet another criminal boss over the arm of the Shadow Corp that has pissed him off this time.
Planet of Prophecy Maddox Sterling Far more dramatic then the name implies, Planet of Prophecy deals with the dreams of an aging, yet agile man (Maddox Sterling), who follows some mid-life crisis to the inner planets, settling on Mars. There he takes up farming in order to make something grandeur than himself. Its revealed halfway through that he had lost his wife and family on Caelus and ends up on Mars where a childhood sweet heart resides. Part of the something grandeur is the hope to reunite with her, but she's with family. Right as it seems she may depart her husband to go with him, she reveals she can't. In the end, the dreams of him being alone are realized, making Mars the proverbial Planet of Prophecy for him as he retires to maintain the farm he started there, alone in the end as he began the movie.
Frozen Shores Kiran West and Kellie Kitt Set on Titan, Kiran and Kellie's characters are not together but have an irresistible attraction. Taking personal TerGen backpacks, they often go out into the wilds of Titan. During one such trip they open up about their feelings to each other, this trip takes place on the northern shores of Kraken Mare and is the reference to the name of the film, Frozen Shores, where outside of the cities and the person TerGen Device, the surface remains frozen, literally. During the trip, they plot how to be together and it ends with some hijinx relative to returning to Salian City and starting that plan, which falls apart some, but ends romantically with Kiran and Kellie together by the end.
Worlds in the Darkness Lena Tempest Another speculative work on the Curselings and the Caelusian Battles, this one contains political commentary on the underlying idea that no one truly knows the mystery of this group known as the Society of the Sacred. Lena Tempest plays some member of a similar group who are actually bringing the Curselings to the solar system in order to gain power. Its a heady political drama infused with moments of Lena struggling for control of her group and the Curselings they summon. Slightly patriotic by the end, Lena's character/group is defeated, but with her group gone, there is no way to stop the Curselings according to the mythos of this film.
Film Studio Famous for…
Chronomagine Cinema Chronomagine Cinema makes a variety of pictures for theater and home viewing, originating at one time in the distant past as a network solo dedicated to home viewing of TV series they produced. In the last three decades, they've expanded their line of made for theater movies with a strong focus on the larger holoprojections and details of the work. Forefront of late is their development of technology to bring the view more into the pieces they make. Most films by this group are recommended to be viewed no less than three times/perspectives in the theater to gain a proper understanding of the movies they are making.
Oracle Films An independent film producing group, they have risen as a prime studio that isn't afraid to tackle war pieces from speculative imagination to political commentary on the Curselings and the human lack of understanding of this magical enemy. Several of their documentaries have targeted the Council of Planets.
Phenomenon Productions A strong studio for several centuries, they've managed to stay true to their core. Thrillers in both horror and sci-fi suspense. They have a tradition of understanding the human psyche in their works and none are better in these genres then Phenomenon Productions. Intermittently, they use new unkown actors, many actors start their careers in the horror and sci-fi still and landing a role with Phenomenon Productions can be a gateway to other lead roles. During times when horror and sci-fi are highly sought by audiences throughout the solar system, Phenomenon Productions has the resources to turn from young actors to highly prized stars/award winners. They follow trends, often ahead of the competition.
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