Top Artists

Top Bilboard Artists/Best Known Groups of 3018

Artist/Group Genre Famous for..
Dance Plan Vocal Harmonies A dance troupe with synchronized vocal harmonics known for their outrageous outfits.
Birth of Rage Rock/Scream-o Mounted Asteroid 3 Juno with stabilizers to be one of the first to perform a 24 hour concert on an asteroid.
Anonymous Freaks Acid Rock Known for distribution of Lucid at their concerts. Most likely supplied by various distributors in hopes of getting more clients
Static Rock Best known for that classic hit, "Beat Rock Planet" released in 3012. 2nd Lead guitarist Johnny Flamethon has served five years in a reform city on Jupiter
Feedback of Chaos Rock Never owning a number one hit, Feedback of Chaos is constantly touring the planetary systems and has a heavy cult following.
Sunset of the Stars Easy Listening A heavy minded, analytical group. Known for broadcasting with archaic radio towers from all eight planets at once. Timed to a receiver on Mars, all signals arrived to make one piece of music. Critically acclaimed, but some critics bemoan some of the bass section's lag as a sign the main composers of the group are not as smart as they claim.
Solar Fever R&B Whether they land on the charts or not, Solar Fever continually gets a lot of play. A fun sound, many life partner weddings include a section of just Solar Fever songs at their reception. A number of band members are siblings, whose parents were part of the earlier group, Funk Down Sunset.
Flux Overdose Blues Lead Guitarist is known for having a 5 fret, 36 string guitar that sometimes is solo'd and other times he is joined by other lead instrumentalists to play five parts on his one guitar. Its truly out of this solar system to hear the depth of the music when played by all five. Sometimes when just those five members play, DJs call them the Flux Five.
Harmony Stasha Pop Started in Acid Country and then delving into Harmonc Hickabilly, Harmony Stasha has turned true pop diva by going solo and dropping her old band from her days on Mercury.
Hyper Techno A group famous for never having been 'seen', its rumored that solo digital artist Rex Banthing downloaded his brain into yet another AI project. From this AI came the brainchild that is Hyper. Completely digital, when the code is downloaded it contains hidden images and messages when uploaded into other media players. Its assumed mostly this is a group of individuals hiding their identity, the AI is not a mainstream rumor.
Electric Wreckage Funk Electric Wreckage has a few hit albums but is more known for politial environmental activism and trying to save the planets from completely being terraformed by the TerGen Process.
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