The City of Ghosts

The ghosts of the past speak to all who will listen.

The City of Ghosts
aka: The Wastelands
Population: 0

Most of the buildings are reduced to rubble and some to dust but amid the former great cities in Michigan from Detroit to Flint and all the area in between, it is a barren place known as The City of Ghosts.

In a last ditch effort to salvage what was left of the city, the cities' leaders had a meeting and in the course of that meeting a decision was made to combine Detroit, Pontiac, Auburn Hills and Flint into one large metropolis. An architect drew together plans that included leveling the current cities abandoned buildings and starting anew. Several wealthy investors were on board and a week before the papers were to be signed and ground breaking to begin, the breakthrough was announced of the creation of TerGen and with it, the ability to terraform and develop other planets in our solar system.

The investors immediately withdrew their support on what they called such a localized project and instead went universal. Literally. It was the death knell for Detroit and where the city had been in a slow decline over the years was now left completely abandoned in a mass exodus.

Occasionally, visitors will come and mill around through the rubble of a bygone era despite the danger of collapsing whatever foundations may be left. It's a dangerous place and although no one lives here any longer, the land is still rich with the bordering Great Lakes and hints at why the area had ever been settled in the first place.

When the people of a nation stop communicating, they lose the common purpose that made them great. Their cities become ghost towns. People live aimlessly because they have no cause for which they are willing to die. The cry of the populace is 'Just leave me alone'. Perhaps the ultimate hell is that the wish will be granted. It is not unlikely that our own nation will collapse not through an explosive roar, but through a deafening silence. —Jeff Myers

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