Adroit Game Mechanics

Adroits are the only type of player character that has access to Special Abilities. They must be capable of building (repair skill) the type of machine or tool they wish to enhance. Likewise, only they can use that magical artifact once created so should be able to use it or pilot it. (IE, a magical armorer needs armor repair, a sword needs the melee skill, a mecha operator needs at least mecha operator and mecha repair).

The special abilities are described in this Detailed List.

The cost in CGen is the number in parenthesis (Skill Dice to purchase one Rank, and only Skill Dice).

The free CPs (Character Points) in CGen are then spent normally. To raise or purchase with CPs, the cost is 5 times the base cost plus the current rank. Thus, the cost for an Adroit to buy a special ability that is (3) would be 15 for Rank 1, to raise rank, if applicable, to 2 it would be 16 (15 plus the current rank of 1).

An enhancement on a Special Ability increases its base cost as indicated. These cost more and are harder to raise.

This Special Ability is only applied to one vehicle, power suit, mecha, drone, weapon or armor. This is an artifact made by the Adroit, only they can repair it with their skills.

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