Quick Ref Charts for all Game Needs

Generic Difficulty Numbers

Level Number
Automatic 0
Very Easy 1–5
Easy 6–10
Moderate 11–15
Difficult 16–20
Very Difficult 21–25
Heroic 26–30
Legendary 31 or more

Modifiers to actions or difficulty numbers

Reason Modifier Applied too
Doubling time spent on action out of combat +1D per double, up to +3D To skill or attribute roll
Reduction of time +5 per 25% reduction, max of 75% reduction Applied to difficulty number

Scale Chart

Participant Size Value
Small moon 96
Star freighter 50
Space yacht 46
Eight-story building 40
Four-story building 20
Two-story house 14
Tank 10
Average personal transport 6
Motorcycle 3
Average Human 0
Small Human child 3
Briefcase 6
Laser pistol 9
Palm computer 12
Cred-key 15
Computer chip 21
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