Combat Overview

1) Initiative

Before combat starts, each character will '+roll perception'. This sets the round order, repeat this same order for all subsequent rounds.

2) Action

As each characters' turn comes up, the player decides if they attack, defend, do something else; this includes a combination of multiple actions if they so desire.

They character can move once at base movement rate and perform one action for free. Any additional actions incurs a -1D per additional action that is implied to all actions for the round.

Please not, if a character does not choose Dodge as an action, they are passively dodging (focusing on other things with minimal attention to dodging). Passive Dodge is standard 10 DN (Difficulty Number) for all attackers, otherwise if they actively Dodge, they roll once and that is the new Difficulty Number for one full round (until their next attack/defense/turn).

To Attack, one should use +attack in game. This is the same as +roll'ing for all other skills, except it depletes ammo by 1 round and will roll for the weapons damage as appropriate. Syntax is '+attack <target> at <modifier>'. Modifier may include things like scale, cover, visibility, range. Any of these that affect the target are applied to the DN (10 for passive defense +/- modifiers, Dodge Roll +/- modifiers), players agree on any potential modifiers to combat before beginning. Track any changes to the modifiers if necessary.

3) Determine Damage

The damage is calculated based on the weapons dice when using +attack in game. If the attack hit, the defender can roll for damage resistance. This is determined by all armor worn at the time of the attack +/- any modifiers.

If the Resistance roll is higher, no damage bled through to the target. Otherwise the difference is the amount of damage applied to the target.

4) Repeat

Everyone does the same on their turn, determines actions, attacks if they decided to attack. Once everyone has done an action, in order, repeat order until combat is complete.


1) Roll initiatives (+roll perception for all participants), order remains same throughout combat

Everyone types '+roll perception' for initiative.

2) On a players turn, they determine actions they will perform, if they attack other(s), +attack roll is made against each target. If they are using multiple actions (anything more than one action and moving up to their base move), they subtract one die per additional action beyond the 1st.

On your turn, use '+attack <name>' this will roll an attack and determine base damage (the defenders standard damage resistance is calculated)

Damage Total is determined by using this command, it only calculates based on armor being used, it will include strength as allowable. If there is additional Damage Resistance, beyond the armor show for any reason, the defending player may +roll for this additional reduction.

If any additional damage resistance is applicable beyond the player hit and their armor, a +roll is made for this resistance and the damage may be further reduced

Damage is applied by the Story Teller or the player receiving damage prior to their pose and next attack/action roll.

+addwound player=#

Continue until combat ends.

Using Weapons

A few quick commands to be aware of:

'+ready <weapon>' to make sure all rolls are based off appropriate skills when utilizing +attack

'+select <type>' - when you look at a weapon, the portion under its basic description shows types of damage it can do, type is the green highlighted name before it lists damage, ammo and skill types in dark green, choose one, ammo is shown below in highlighted green, make sure it has ammo as needed

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