Character Points

After CGen, the way to raise skills and attributes is through character points or to one time uses to improve attribute or skill rolls during play.

These are explained briefly in the game via '+sinfo character points' as well as '+sinfo +raise' or '+sinfo +usecp'.

When using '+usecp' it will deduct a point for a +5 bonus to any skill roll, announcing this to the room.

When using '+raise', calculating costs can be found in '+sinfo skills' or '+sinfo attributes' respectively.

Cost for attributes: 10 times the number in front of the dice; 7 days between raises per CP

Cost for skills: 1 times the number in front of the dice; 1 day between raise per CP

Staff will not shorten the day time turn around; this is not to represent time spent training, its to prevent saving up and boosting a skill as much as possible right when its needed

Max: Attributes are listed in '+sinfo human'. Skills are +3D over the characters current attribute.

Skills may be approved beyond max by +request and at 3x the CP cost to raise per standard costs as noted above.

Only the metaphysics attribute may be raised above the human maximum, and this costs 20 times the number in front of the dice to raise.

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