An explanation of Dice in OpenD6.

As the name implies, the only dice used in this game are six-sided dice. Often various elements that call on the potential use for dice will reflect this in a number (#D+#). Mostly this will be on a character sheet, for damage from a weapon or other source, and for armor relative to damage resistance.

The first number, #D, represents how many dice are rolled. If a character has a Strength of 3D and a story teller or plot runner ask for a strength check/roll, the character will roll three dice. The game handles this, so a simple '+roll strength' will suffice.

The number after the dice, called a pip, is added to the roll. On a basic roll, this is only ever one or two. It is added after the roll is complete. So if the character is rolling strength, and their Strength is 3D+2, the would roll three dice and then add the +2. There is no +3, instead three pips add up to one more die, so there is no 3D+3 strength, this is instead simply 4D.

Some modifiers are represented as in dice format (#D+#), this is added to the base skill/attribute/etc. By example, a melee weapon may be +1D+1 Strength for damage. By indication of the + at the front of the number, it is indicated this is added to strength. By example, a character with 3D strength using that +1D+1 weapons, they would get to roll 4D+1 total to determine damage on a successful roll; the 3D+2 character would get to roll 5D because +3 indicated one additional die instead.

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