Improving a Character

Throughout play, characters will receive CPs (Character Points). These come from staff after approved +events, from submitted logs for Player Run Plots, for activity they may have seen, offers they have made, or from the +nom system.

These may be spent to improve rolls during the game, or spent improving skills and attributes. Note an attribute may never be raised above its max value (+sinfo human to see the set maximum levels).

The cost is determined by the level of skill or attribute. Taking the current level of skill or attribute, the number in front of the D as shown is the factor. This is the cost to raise a skill by 1 pip; for attributes this factor is multiplied by 10 to determine the cost to raise 1 pip.

The cost for adding or raising a specialization is that factor, divided by two, and rounded up.


Raising Strength from 2D+2 to 3D: 20 CPs
Raising Strength from 3D to 3D+1: 30 CPs

Raising Firearms from 2D+2 to 3D: 2 CPs
Raising Firearms from 3D to 3D+1: 3 CPs

Raising Hand Pistol from 2d+2 to 3D: 1 CP
Raising Hand Pistol from 4D to 4D+1: 2 CP

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