Magic D6 Mechanics

Note that D6 magic is free form, a Phenom can do anything within the limits of their metaphysical skills. There are several limits on this. Casting time is 1 minute per 5 difficulty; a spell that calculates to DN of 15 takes 3 minutes to cast.

The only exception is if the spell comes from the common list of spells for phenoms, found here. There are 6 common spells taught per grade level (2 channel, 2 sense, 2 transformation). A phenom may develop 3 more personal spells per grade level (personal quick spells must be approved by staff).

Below are the general rules for building a spell, we are only using effect (by dice) to determine base difficulty, coupled with Target, Range and Duration. There is no chance to 'lower' difficulty or add skill (situation) modifiers.


Wild Die applies to spells.

Result is calculated normally regardless of Critical Failure (rolling 1 with the Wild Die). Significance of total is gauged by the storyteller or plot runner, from "nearly didn't do it" with something funny occurring to serious problem and new obstacle with a very low roll. If harm should befall friends, it may not result in death from a Critical Failure of magic.

Step 1: Effect by Dice Pool of Spell

Determine base difficulty

Characteristic Type Difficulty per 1D
Damage (mental or physical) 2
Protection (mental or physical) 2
Stand-alone die code or non-Extranormal skill 2
Non-Extranormal skill modifier 5
Non-Extranormal attribute modifier 6
Stand-alone Extranormal skill 6
Extranormal skill modifier 7
Extranormal attribute modifier 9

Stand-alone; by example, if getting 3D in persuasion, the base difficulty is 4. This does not modify the skill and is, thus, ineffective on an individual with 3D or more in persuasion. For +3D to a skill is a modifier and the base difficulty for this would be 15, is more powerful for the modifier as it can stack with any number of dice already on a skill.

Mimic a special ability: Base cost is 2 x base cast x desired rank.

Step 2: Target, Range, Duration

Any of these modify the difficulty as indicated.


Target Size Difficulty Modifier
Small Item +1
Person +2
Few People or Personal Vehicle +3
Group, Small Transport, Room +5
Crowd, Large Transport, Small Building +10
Horde, Huge Transport, Large Building +15


Range (to target, of effect) Difficulty Modifier
Point Blank (Within 3') 0
Close (3'-100 yards) +5
Long (100 yards to 10 miles) +7
Extreme (10 miles to 1000 miles )) +10
Atmosphere (Over 1000 miles, on same planet/vessel/moon) +15
System (Different planet, but in solar system) +20

Range to target and range of effect are combined; casting on some thing 5' away and being able to move it about within 100 yards is +10 for two close range effects from the spell.


Duration Difficulty Modifier
2 Rounds 0
Each additional round up to 1 minute (10 Rounds max) +1
Each additional five minutes beyond 1, up to one hour +1
Each additional hour +1

Duration is cumulative; +10 for 1st minute, for up to five minutes its +11, and +1 per each additional minute up to +20 for a full hour, then +21 for two hours, etc.

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