Phenom Game Mechanics

A Phenom is the only type of character in game that has access to the metaphysics ability and its three individual skills (channel, sense, and transform). By purchasing metaphysics in CGen, one is indicating they are a Phenom.

Note that 1D is the max for Metaphysics. In order to raise this after CGen, staff will need to be contacted via a +request to assist.

Anything can be done with magic, to develop a spell, please be familiar with our game rules for developing spells. Note that any such use of magic is assumed to take the caster a minute or longer to muster. If a Phenom practices, they can learn to quick cast a spell (five seconds casting, or one round). Phenoms can choose up to 7 spells to quick cast per year of education at Canterbury Halls. We will develop lists here for this purpose. Note there are only 6 on the list, players may develop their own seven spells. Limitations are based on difficulty. 1st year Phenoms must limit the difficulty to 10 or less to have a spell added to their quick list, any spell not on the standard common list must be approved by staff (they will double check math to assure the difficulty is correct).

Once researched and requested by staff, the casting time is 5 seconds (one round) for all quick spells. Any spell being cast is announced on initiative and takes one round to cast. This is the balance for having magic, it is a powerful tool but it can be interrupted.

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