Rather than invent a wildly conceivable array of weapons for all the various elements that could shop on missions and in combat, we are using the Scale concept and chart from Open D6.

Situations may arise where two vastly different sized items may clash or interact. Instead of adding on more and more dice to represent bigger weapons or more armor, scale gives a value depending on size. The difference in the two sizes gives modifiers to attack role and damage resistance to quickly reflect this while keeping dice pools smaller and easier to manage.

Below is the scale chart, numbers above a human are large scale, below are small scale. The difference between human or two objects larger becomes the scale value for combat between those two objects. Same with human and smaller. A large object and a small object, add the two together.

Quick Chart

Participant Size Value
Small moon 96
Star freighter 50
Space yacht 46
Eight-story building 40
Four-story building 20
Two-story house 14
Tank 10
Average personal transport 6
Motorcycle 3
Average Human 0
Small Human child 3
Briefcase 6
Laser pistol 9
Palm computer 12
Cred-key 15
Computer chip 21

How Scale Works

Larger Object attacking Smaller Object:

Increase the defender;s defense DN (Difficulty Number) by the scale value for all attacks, this represents its harder to hit a smaller object.

Increase the Attacker's Damage Total by the scale value, larger weapons do more damage, smaller objects have less 'body' then larger ones.


Car (6) vs Human (0) is a scale of +6

A passive defense human is DN 16 instead of the standard DN 10.

The damage by the car to the human receives +6 to its total.

Smaller Object attack Larger Object:

The inverse of larger.

Increase the Attacker's Combat Skill Total by the scale. Its easier to hit larger targets.

Increase the Defenders Damage Resistance Roll by the scale. The weapon does less damage, the 'armor' of the larger item is better or thicker.

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