Separate from space faring vehicles, there are two distinct varieties of vehicle on the game; Standard and Assisted.

Standard Vehicles are typical vehicles such as cars, planes, boats, motorcycles.

Assisted Vehicles are those distinct machines in which acute agility and operation come down to one individual. These include Mecha, Powered Armors, and Drones. This distinction is made as Assisted Vehicles offer a far greater range of versatility than standard vehicles.

Combat Relevant Notes: Damage is either relevant to toughness (ramming) or by weapon of driver or passenger +/- any scale modifier. Active Defense is operator skill + maneuverability. Damage Resistance Total is operator skill + Toughness. At present Armor for vehicles is limited to assisted vehicles (there are no tanks, mecha remove the utility of tanks at present).

Standard Vehicles:

Small Personal Transport:

Passengers: 1-2
Movement: 98
Toughness: 4D
Maneuverability: +2D+1
Scale: 3

Family Transport

Passengers: 2-4
Movement: 70
Toughness: 5D
Maneuverability: +1D
Scale: 6

Sport Vehicle

Passengers: 1-2
Movement: 107
Toughness: 3D
Maneuverability: +3D
Scale: 6

Assisted Vehicles

These vehicles are designed to assist humans in some capacity, while retaining human form or agility. They include Drones, Power Armor and Mecha. These are more adaptable than standard vehicles. Each type comes in a standard variety of sizes (light, medium, heavy) and they can be slotted with various appliances, devices, weapons, armor, etc. to vastly increase their versatility as a tool extension of the human pilot/operator.

Mecha Maneuverability Toughness Size Value
Light 3D 1D 6
Medium 2D 2D 10
Heavy 1D 3D 15
Power Armor Maneuverability Toughness
Light 3D 1D
Medium 2D 2D
Heavy 1D 3D
Drones Maneuverability Toughness Size Value*
Light 3D 1D 9
Medium 2D 2D 6
Heavy 1D 3D 3

* This is below human scale

All assisted vehilces have 6 slots to add weapons, armor, or utilities.

Altering movement (swim, crawl, burrow, fly, tracks, etc.) takes one slot per size; ie Light vehicles use one slot to alter their movement, heavy vehicles use 3 slots.

Armor comes in light (1D armor for 1 slot), medium (2D armor for 2 slots) and heavy (3D armor for 3 slots), same with weapons (+3D for 1 slot, +4d+2 for 2 slots, and +6D for 3 slots).

If a vehicle has a hand, it can hold a plasmatronic shield for an additional boost to damage resistance (stacks with toughness and armor), takes 1 slot.

To boost a single skill through utility or 'tool' is 1 slot.

TerGen is 1 slot per additional environment, only necessary for human inside the vehicle or machine.

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