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+bbpost #/Rise of Legends=Rise of Legends is a future fantasy RPG.%r%rWhen a threat to humanity arises, magic is reborn. Young adults gifted with magical abilities return to the world to train under Wizards of old.%r%rCome and play an elemental mages, able to shape magic at will will. Determined by ones birth, a mage could be born of Jupiter and harness the element of Wind; shaping weather, storms, and the air itself. Or perhaps the metal world of Mercury is more to one's liking? These new world mages, called Phenoms, gather and train in Avalon, the pathways reopened with the return of magic.%r%rOr perhaps an artificer is more to your liking. Whether it is imbuing and using weapons and armor touched with your gifts to perform better or drones to fight or aid your allies. Maybe you prefer to be a mecha pilot, commanding a massive metal behemoth touched by magic. These warriors train at the Celestial Academy in the Saturn System, on the space station Artistarchus.%r%rIt is the year 3018, the first students gather to train to fight the Curse, beings of another dimension that have taken over the planetary system of Neptune and have invaded the moons of Caelus.%r%rWiki:

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