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Is there native bacteria on Mars or Titan?

This is an on going debate in Science. For mars research in July of 2017 indicates that UV interaction with the soil salt mineral stops cellular activity in 30 second, conditions that exist on Mars currently. Methane on Titan is not conclusive if active native bacteria, it's more likely that unders surface methane bodies are released to surface liquid methane bodies then to its current hazy methane rich gaseous atmosphere.

Science could still prove otherwise.

It's moot for us as a sci-fantasy game to know of native bacteria due to irrelevance, it has no effect on play. Either we found it and cultured it for our use on new ceramic/synthetic/etc compounds or medicine … Or we introduced a non native element that killed it all off. It simply has no relevance to the theme and game. And debating has no definitive answer among the science community, not a debate staff is interested in either.

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