Story Vs Game

The Idea of Story and Game

A look at the differences and our goal here

Ultimately we are looking at telling interesting stories, we exist in a PvE or CvE environment (the players and/or characters vs the environment, not a game played against each other). There might be opportunity for PvP encounters and interactions, but overall the primary focus of the meta is against the environment.

We are providing Game mechanics (Open D6) to help with resolution on whether or not characters succeed or fail. This is not consent based, but with various modifiers, difficulties and rules throughout the D6 system, we are holding to the idea that the Story Teller or Player Runner of a Plot are the arbiter of any situation and when rules conflict or are uncertain, it is their determination that is the rule versus various printed material, obscure rules, or rules that may seem counter productive.

Aside from basic concepts, such as base attack roll, some standard difficulty numbers, damage, interpretations may and will vary. Our focus is, in the end, on the story and its countenance over the idea of this is a 'game' which it is not.

To quote the rules themselves:

The rules are a framework upon which the gamemasters (Story Teller or Player Runner) and their friends build stories set in fantastic and dynamic worlds. As with most frameworks, the rules work best when they show the least, and when they can bend under stress. Keeping to the letter of the rules is almost certainly counterproductive to the whole idea of making an engaging story and having fun. To keep a story flowing with a nice dramatic beat, gamemasters might need to bend the rules, such as reducing the significance of a modifier in this situation but not in another one, or allowing a character to travel a meter or two beyond what the movement rules suggest.

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