A guide to naming pages to help index and categorize

Rather than have an overwhelming amount of content on a few pages, we absolutely believe in categorizing and indexing. This is to keep content simple; structured and easy to read. It is to allow one to find a basic overview on a topic without having to read a large amount of content. They can choose to drill down to specific content if the topic interests them.

This is very neatly handled by the page naming convention in wikidot. An often overlooked feature by those more familiar with its ancestor, wiki (wikia, Wikipedia, Wikimedia, etc), wikidot uses dynamic page naming and templating.

If content is missing here and needs to be added, simply decide on the most relevant category. Then name the page <category>:<specific>. This will show the page quickly within the category parent page and sets up a specific page. If a page is relevant to several pages, decide its primary category and then tag it to any secondary/other categories.

Example: Someone wants to add information relevant to Saturn System and law enforcement there. The page would be named Saturn:legal. It will show on the page about Saturn as a link specific to Saturn. If it is also tagged 'law', it will show in topics related to law in the law: pages.

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