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The mission of our policies is to hopefully create a safe and friendly environment that is welcoming to players old and new.

While we encourage players to hopefully work out differences between each other, we understand there are a variety of reasons one may feel less inclined to talk to other players. We welcome any and all communications from players to help in situations in which a player may feel uncomfortable. Chances are if one player feels unsafe or uncomfortable, others may feel the same. If we are unaware of the situation, we will be unable to help.

The Consent and Death Policy

By playing, one is consenting to outcomes including the potential of character death


OOC: No,
IC: Mildly Tolerable


No means no, do not persist.

Idle Policy

Relative to the bonus skill option in CGen

Warn and Ban

Players are Warned before Banning


We've made some changes to further that safety. Please be aware of these files.


Player Run Vs Meta


Questions and Answers

Awards and +nominations

A look at what staff will award above and beyond the +nom system that is in place already.

Alt Characters

How Many and What Kind are allowable


A little added guidance beyond what can be found in-game or on the wiki that might help players:


A guide to naming pages to help index and categorize

The Idea of Story and Game

A look at the differences and our goal here

About Our Science

We don't know everything, but we tried for some consistency.


How to RP Romance (Without Being Creepy)


We'll try to put up answers to relevant questions we receive on this page

Characters Disclaimer

A few unwanted basics

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