Retaining most of its natural, changing surface, Europa is the only such location where colonization is occurring on a grand scale while doing so. The warmer water beneath the surface was ideal for domed underwater cities and to this day, they remain the primary location of the population on Europa. Most structures on the surface are outposts that serve as infrastructure connecting to its space stations and the solar system as a whole as well as monitoring anything coming towards the surface, such as radiation spikes. But this is all done to maintain surface within the interior oceans of Europa itself.

Beneath the surface, while most cities are scattered at greater distances, the primary administrative center of the moon is located at New Astarte, which has a sister city. Sidon is very close to New Astarte and serves as a leisure center more so than what is found in New Astarte itself. Less than thirty minutes apart, separated by a deep chasm, they serve as nearly one conventional city but the inhabitants of both retain their names despite the interlocked infrastructure that exists. They even maintain a number of competing sports teams.

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