As an early target for colonization, Ganymede was initially utilized to harvest ice for closer TerGen projects. This has allowed a slow infusion of green house gases around TerGen sight that is finally starting to realize a freshwater cycle that includes rain over lakes. This is controlled within the atmospheric bubbles over the current fresh water lakes. Most of the surface remains covered in ice that still includes trapped gases not suitable for breathing. Coupled with the magnetosphere, Ganymede is one of the astronomical bodies that science hopes to one day completely terraform.

Numatropolis is located on Ganymede, it is the largest city and administrative capital of the Jupiter System. A large military base is in this city, representing all branches of service. Speculation this is for the reform cities of Jupiter itself, the military strongly holds that it is a central location in the Solar System, near enough the major ports of Mars to get around the system quickly.

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