Most of the cities of Io began as mining colonies after the rich amounts of iron in the crust of the moon. A combination of volcanic activity and the cooler surface has led to early developments in TerGen Process following outposts on Callisto and early colonization on Ganymede. Geothermal venting was developed in earnest on Io to tap into natural heating systems of other bodies in the solar system. Over the vents, most cities exist in some form of partial dome that helps with the extensive amount of snowfall on the planet that begins, primarily, composed of sulfur dioxide but is converted into breathable atmosphere through atmospheric cleansing. The process has long sense been refined but the old technology that looks sort of like giant mushrooms is a staple in the Ionian cities, one they are proud to display.

A beautiful natural landscape unlike most moons, the capital of Io is located in the Inachus valley. This is closer to the equator that, despite a day-cycle just shy of two earth days, does witness shadow time during the day due to its proximity to Jupiter itself during its regular day time hours. Here, the marvelous city of Agropolis has arisen. Older than most it has three large pillars rising some 50 stories into the sky with old 'mushroom' like generators converting the snowfall into breathable atmosphere. A rainy day is a good day in Agropolis.

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