Crime and Criminal Elements

There is no massive 'ruling' criminal element, no syndicate or mafia, that rules the others or fights for turf. This is a thing of the past.

That said, however, there is a breathing, vibrant underbelly in the solar system. It involves the exploitation and abuse of the state allowances. Taking resources from others to feed addictions or otherwise taking allowances at a higher price to pay someone an allowance they feel they really need in a much lower quantity than its value.

As has been noted, social structure, regardless of allowances, is a real thing. The elite in a sport or acting or visible medium, or at the top of social circles, can easily get favors that allow them a luxurious lifestyle even while only living within the means of standard allowances.

Criminal elements create a 'rich' subset of society that capitalizes on exploiting others allowances. This has lead to the creating of hidden clubs, lodges, and even cities within the various planetary systems. Pleasure Locales have arisen, where one could conceivably save a life time to visit for a day or two, others who have exploited the allowance system can afford to visit and nearly live at some of these locations, again furthering the gains and means to acquire more of this criminal element of society.

Each city tends to have an area or two tucked away, where others that should fall under the legal system for help and reform are often employed for exploitation. Nearly as slaves even. Worse are Pleasure Lodges and Cities, hidden in remote locations on planets and moons. And yet, beyond this exists the rumor of a Pleasure Planet, some asteroid on the scale of a dwarf planet that is entirely hollowed out to become a pleasure world for the criminal elite.

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