Antos Rise
City: Salian City
Planet: Titan, Saturn System
NPCs: Bernard Wright, Manager, Concierge
MIsc. Info: Antos Rise is among the tallest buildings in the city and is the central structure of Leland square. The building houses condos and the higher up one lives, the higher the cost of living. The twin penthouse rooms boast some of the most famous names on the holovids as residents.

Antos Rise is among the tallest buildings in the city and is the central structure of Leland square. Anyone is welcome to a wait list for the upper most condos in the building, but like most wait lists, sometimes social standing moves one up quicker in that wait. Despite this, there are plenty of prime locations here, all offer glamorous views north towards the center of Salian City and, in the upper floors, views out towards Kraken Mare beyond the city. Even with Saturn at the backs of some inhabitants, that view of the lights of the city and the reflections off the inland sea beyond is truly a sight to behold.

Silver Lining

Atop the majestic Anton Rise is the Silver Lining, a top notch, fine dining experience that requires both appropriate dress and reservations. Under no exceptions will patrons be allowed without either, no matter who you know. The prices are costly as well and are known to take quite a chunk out of monthly allotments.

With a view of the city from the dizzying heights and muted lighting, the mood is set as one of the most romantic in the entirety of the city. Each table is afforded privacy by well placed plants and distance, or arched alcoves with breathtaking views, making it perfect for clandestine meetings or lovers getaways.

The marble floor is polished to a high glossy shine that is complemented by the polished mahogany of the furnishings giving it both a regal and timeless look. The decor is kept minimal allowing the backdrop of the city to be the pivotal focus.

Waiters and waitresses dressed in black tie clothing quietly care for the patrons, offering both privacy and discretion while giving prompt and attentive service.

Menus are sent to your OED upon entrance, after stepping out of the lift, and while prices are not listed, $ represent the costliness of the meals, ranging from $$$ to $$$$$.

Silver Lining Rooftop Terrace

A small orchestra plays music at the open doors to the patio where the restaurant spills out to the rooftop terrace. There is dancing and incredible city views with complimentary flowers of many varieties on offer for the patrons. Dessert samplers are placed around boasting macaroons, tiny cheesecakes, truffles and other delicacies to add to the romantic setting and champagne is brought round occasionally on a tray by servers.

The floor is polished and meets seamlessly with the decorative marble banister of the parapet. Lighting is kept to old fashioned gas lights in decorative posts spaced apart to keep it light enough to see, while dim enough to keep the romantic atmosphere.

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