(3018-01-17) Illicit Race
Summary: Zee partakes in the illicit Race
Date: January 3018

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An outlying moon of Saturn, specifics less important or protected. A gathering of the elite. Those social few who don't have to use allowances when they grace restaurants or buy clothes, the business want them there. They don't get paid much more than others, but accumulated their wealth through other means. Others due have illicit business on the side, using and abusing other citizens to take their allowances in what seems like free trade. Its all spent at places like this. Even the racers get luxury suites, in preparation for the upcoming race. Whatever they do with their time is for them. All 12 are there come race day. Knowing the difficulties that lie ahead, facing the threat of real danger and possibly death.
Most are quiet before the race with this focus. No truely big names from the pro circuit here, some up and comers sure, if one looks or recognizes. Or they let their name out to help the patrons here decide to bet on them or not. Betting is indeed high and aside from the racers, the atmosphere is ecstatic.
It comes up to the line, and the tree counts down a start. Loud, low beeps up until the green go, which is louder than the others, disengaging any brakes on the bikes and they're off down the track.
It is here that an early collision sends one bike off the track into the casino resort, one rider in that two bike collision stays on the track, racing mostly with one hand for the remainder of the race (and managing to finish 3rd overall after that collision). Rider 5 in the first couple of sections spends time jostling for position, creating a spectacular collision between Riders 8 and 9, it includes a leak and some small flames. Both riders do not finish, and are taken away for treatment. Rider 5 wasted too much effort trying to take out riders, and finishes last of the 8 that complete the course. Zee is back at about 5th place as they enter section 3 of the illicit track. Its here that both her and Rider 7 see an opening to advance and have a bump and jostle, she makes the move pushing at 7 who careens into Rider 3. Rider 3 falls from the track here, sustaining an injury but not dead. Rider 7 manages to stay on the track, but only finishes 7th out of the 8.
Riders 10 and 11 nearly hold the higher positions but a jostle between section 2 and 3 leaves them in the back, they finish in the middle. Zee is left battling Riders 1, 4, and 6 for top four slots, with Rider 4 nearly losing control in section 4 and finishing fourth. Rider 6 uses this to take the lead, finishing first. Zee spends the last section of the track jostling with 1, both riders injured at this point, and in the end she gets ahead by half a bike and secures 2nd place. Winnings mostly going to 1st place, the agent that found her offers her 1/2 the winnings offered, 5 days leisure on any world for 2 individuals.

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