(3018-01-26) After the Test
Summary: A trio of students meet up after the field test in which the Curseling is beheaded.
Date: 01-26-3018
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Albion Commons/Salian City

A large green circular space marks the center of Albion Commons. At its center is the bubble like space that serves as the Avalonian Teleporter for the Phenom students. Twice per day, this bubble structure is moved aside to open the bay doors for the Aristarchus Shuttle launch and return for the Adroit students. There are four primary boulevards that lead away, each in a primary direction relative to the four Commorancies that house the students and their families. A secondary walk is some ten meters off the ground and it circles the outer ring of the green space, it includes a walk that heads off towards Titan Square at the center of Salian City.
The commons is full of green space, but less like a park is it is more like the grounds of a college campus. In a manner, as the homes for Phenom and Adroit students and their families, it is as close to a college campus as one is to find here. Scattered between the towers of the Commorancy are several utility buildings that includes a library and several museums designed for the purpose of post secondary educations. Each boulevard leading off is cushioned between two large pillars that support banners for the Commorancy to which it leads.

Some students stayed at the respective schools, some stayed on Titan itself. There were associated buildings of learning in Salian City and modes of transportation to get students back and forth. After the mission and debrief, Davor was all good to get back to the commons, they stayed in the towers, he and his sister. Not truly present himself, he's come back from Aristarchus Station with his sister and leaving the central grounds, he looks for a bench rather than walk to their home.
"So, you really okay?" He know now she took a hit, along with another student, and was patched up a little, but still. His voice more calm and measured, as the war is now that much closer to home. "And who was this other one?" He met Sunny on the way up, or saw him in briefing and all, but he didn't know him so much yet, he looks at his sister more with the later question, some curiosity on his face. <English>

Ceres had gotten patched up somewhere along the way. The briefing had gone well enough but now it was for really real and not a theory anymore. They were the future of the war. She'd even just said as much to her brother. Seated on the ground, because she wanted to just stretch her legs out in front of her, she lifts her eyes to meet his briefly, "I am really okay. You just don't know, Dav. I can't explain how it is to be so close to one. It's like.." Helpless to explain, she just lifts her hands, both of them palm up, "I don't know."
The question of the other person has her looking thoughtful, "He's a magic caster. He could tell if there were people in the ship from a distance away. He told us where the Curseling was." Of course she doesn't have to say the rest of what he'd said and done, the coms relayed that to them all. <English>

Speak of the shiny Devil.
Seated at a table in the park, Sunny has been taking his time before heading back to his foster parent's. He is idly reading some after mission documentation and also McPhearson's research, trying to learn everything he can so that the next time they have to fight the Curselings, he isn't so surprised. Stroking his finger across the transparent tablet, he reads, and occasionally glances up at people as they walk past, but doesn't seem to be too interested in talking to anyone.
Until he sees Ceres. Companion in combat that she is, he immediately hops to his feet and goes walking over, "Hey!" he calls out, all friendly-like. "Hey, remember me?" he asks, because it's so easy to forget him, and their shared traumatic experience. "Sunny."
Cupping the tablet by his side, he looks between her and Davros, "Sunny," he says to Davor then, adding, like they hadn't met as well.

"Oh, the casters are all the rage, back on Earth," says Davor, an edge of tease to his voice. He did hear the rest, and isn't sure of the whole context to be certain, but things were said here and there. And speaking there of, shine or no, perhaps in the eye of the beholder that is, Davor is about to say more but turns at the greeting. "Hey, yeah, I remember," but may have not caught the name, which is now offered twice. He does the same then too, "Davor, sounds like were key there?" Back on the ships that is, "My sisters back safe and sound, guess I owe a thanks." Or really, he does, but is either nonchalant or just not quite on his social feet for the moment, he tosses a glance to his sister to see how she takes the approach of Sunny. One hand comes up and he idly toys with an OED he wears there as if that helps keep him level headed as its gone from siblings to group social in his mind. <English>

"They may be." Ceres agrees with the Earth comment despite the teasing her brother offers. A smile toys at the corner of her mouth, "They are sure something to watch, I'll tell you that much." Drawing her jeans clad legs up to her chest, she rests her chin there as she watches the approach of Sunny. The smile returns. "Oh hi, Sunny. I didn't know that was your name, actually. I didn't catch it before. I'm Ceres and yeah, this is Davor, my brother." Her demeanor is friendly, welcoming.
"Davor, Sunny cut the head off of the thing. It was really.. gruesome." A light shudder, but here in the light of day it almost seemed surreal now, everything they'd seen and done. Her eyes flicker over the OED at her brothers wrist before she gives a look back to Sunny. "Where are you from, originally?" <English>

When Davor lifts his hand to mess with his OED, Sunny looks like he is about to try to shake his hand, but when no hand is extended, he just sort of lets his hand hang there for a split second before he claps his hands together gently, like that was his plan all along. He looks to Ceres at her question and seeing as she is seated, he joins her, inviting himself to sit across from them, "It was pretty gross, but they all deserve it. I'm from Mercury," he answers, keeping the answer sort of vague.
"Yeah, I heard your names back there, I just wasn't sure if I'd said mine, I thought the commander might have said it, but I wasn't really thinking about it all social-like at the time. I was just like, 'cool, good looking girls with weapons and a dude in a mecha, and we're here to finally fight," he explains. "I sort of checked out until we were ready to board. Trying to remember all of my lessons. I wanted to do a good job."

Standing a moment, looking curious at the other boy, Davor eventually moves and sits with his sister too. A slight raise of curiosity in his brows, followed by slight squints about good looking girls. Then a look at his sister, a see I knew it sort of look, like he has to watch her now or something. Not that he's her keeper by any long shot. His hand stops fussing with the OED as he considers the head business, "I don't know, as long as it was taken care of, it does sound gruesome though." Complete agreement with sister, family business at stake. "I think you did a good job," he returns, "You both did. Hopefully these specimens are kept safe. Is the head enough for something like that to happen again?" HE has no clue, hasn't read any Curseling research himself. <English>

"Mercury. That's really cool. We're from Earth originally, so much history there," Ceres says wistfully. "We used to go explore some of the ruins. It was so incredibly fun. Couldn't you imagine being an archaeologist there? I had considered it, once upon a time." She gives her brother a shoulder nudge by leaning over and bumping his with hers, laughter at that look he gives her even if that's all she does to address it.
Instead, she ponders the question of the Curseling before offering a light shrug. "I don't know much about them, sad to say. I wish I could say I have extensive knowledge on them, but I'm no scientist or anything." A small pause and she smiles at both of them. "I think we four made a great team. I like how much of a leader Chloe is, because in tactics and all, I'm really not a leader at all." <English>

"I mean, after I stabbed in a few times, I kinda got over the initial shock of, 'I'm stabbing a Curseling,' but it was still gross on a 'this is going to stain' sort of level," Sunny goes on, when Davor seems curious, his head nodding a few times as he explains, and he makes a few gestures with his hands to indicate when he is 'stabbing it a few times' each stab demonstrated. A thrust, and a slash both being demonstrated. "That was you flying the drone, right? What's that like? I've never flown one before, can you project yourself into it with some sort of telepresence, or are you watching from a screen or something?" he asks.
Looking to Ceres, he nods his head enthusiastically, "It must be a sort of middle ground for day-cycles between there and here, right?" he asks, trying to imagine what it must be like to live on Earth. "A bit like Avalon, I suppose," he mutters to himself. Trying to think if he'd ever paid attention to day-night cycles there.
The thing about tactics earns a swift nod from Sunny. "She definitely had a good plan. You were great though, don't doubt it. I bet you'd have come up with a good plan too."

Watching, there are moments of squints from Davor as he envisions the fight. Probably glad he's not explaining the head chopping off part most likely, these visual enough. Its clear he's not the sort into close quarters combat like that. Another probability, of why he works with drones. "I couldn't imagine it, even as I listened, I tried to shut out the imagine in my mind." Of course, his visualization of what he heard had his fellow students maimed and beaded. "Most have visuals on the control. I'm working with my engineering teacher, there is a crystal from earth in my control and in the drone. I do sort of sense it. But it has to be in contact with solid ground of some sort. Like vibrations I guess. I just know as long as the crystals are synced with the machines, its like seeing in way. But I can't see through walls." So not true vibrational sense.
Then, of course, day cycles are brought up and he is more curious "So, Mercury, you have near constant day and night in places, that seems hard to imagine for us." Though he gives a look to his sister, just seeing if that's a same page hard to imagine or if he's on a limb with that thought. <English>

Lifting an arm, Ceres drapes it protectively over her brothers shoulders when he confesses to trying to get the image out of his mind. Concerned, of course, but just reassuring him she understands. "It's not something you'd ever want to see, Dav, I know cause it's not something I ever wanted to see." A shudder and she gives her brother a brief hug before releasing him.
Glad for the change of topic, Ceres shakes her head, "I can't imagine it, really. I mean the days and nights here are odd enough. Mostly on Earth, it was all in a balance in a way. We were awake in the day, we slept at night and it was pretty equal within the twenty-four hour period. The day and night I mean." Again, that wistful look. "I don't mind coming to help with the war, but I do miss home." <English>

"Yeah, I mean, it makes sleeping outside really weird, you can't really do it unless you're the sort who can sleep with the lights on. I can't. Well, anyway, pretty much everyone has full black-out shutters, and some of the oldest homes have environmental shutters from the early days, but most of those are gone, but my friend Mikel had a really old house on Kraken Mare, and they had some interesting hold-overs from years ago," Sunny is explaining, sort of just unwinding and letting the words spill out. He seems like the sort of guy who could sit and talk for hours, if he were lacking just a smidge less empathy for others. Luckily, he has the awareness to know when he is prattling, and shrugs a little. "I've wanted to go to Earth. To see all the famous places, I mean, you can't go ten feet without seeing something that was famous on Earth, right?" he asks. Enthusiastic.
The teenager seems to be leaving the act of consoling Davor's discomfort to Ceres, instead he just sort of scratches at his shins a little.
"So, what's it like being adroit?" he asks.

Davor will remain glad he doesn't have to be up close and personal, its the small things that matter. A slight wince about camping over night in all day light, that wouldn't do it all. Its the idea of bumping into something famous every 10 fet that gets his demeanor to change, a lift of spirits with a hint of a chuckle that rolls out not quite a snort. "I wouldn't say every 10 feet, but I guess a lot. Every hundred yards," no he doesn't think its even that close, but seems enjoy suggesting its that close. "Its not like Salian City here, the skyline, the planet in the sky." As if here is just living in a landmark by its vary nature. New landmark, but landmark all the same. "And even then, yeah, I still miss Earth. Knowing the sun rise, the sun set. I guess constant change. Its pretty cool." Speaking for himself.
"I mean, I don't know what all I can do, it's taken a lot to get the drone going in such a short time. And its just minor stuff, perceiving and reading those like vibrations. But the way I get it, its a little different for each of us too." <English>

"I can sleep about anywhere, as long as I'm not too cold. I think I'm part feline, I get lazy and stretch out in the sun and just sleep. I love with my bed by a window facing where the sun is. Well, I did before, back on Earth." Ceres suddenly recalls something Sunny had said and she grins, looking excited. "Avalon? The real Avalon from the Arthurian tales?" And then it's her turn to go on and on. "We went to see what is left of Stonehenge back home. It was so completely amazing. And there was so much history there to read about. I want to go back someday. The seasons are wonderful. I'm already saving up my resources to be able to go back for a visit, hopefully within a year. It's my favorite place to be." However, she doesn't discount anyone else's. A look to Saturn in the distance and she grins. "I guess there's things to really like about all of the places and to each of us, home will always be the best." The question needs to be answered though and she gives a sheepish look to the two. "I guess it's not much different. I just mostly fight with a sword. I learned fencing ages ago though." <English>

"That's way more than we have on Mercury, we have like," Sunny begins then pauses, "Five famous places. I mean, some tourists might think there are more, but I don't think they're all that special. There are some neat things, but not, like, all over the place," he explains, and looks a bit jealous, his eyes staring off into space as he imagines what it must be like on Earth.
The description of being an Adroit only earns a sort of screwed up face as he struggles to imagine what the general description might be like.
"I can see it," he says when Ceres says she can just sleep like a cat, but he loses focus on that thought when she starts asking about Avalon, "Yeah, and Merlin, like the Merlin from the stories too. Avalon is pretty cool, though it's not quite like it was, I don't think. They try to explain the metaphysics of it, but it's like it was, and isn't, because all of this stuff is around us that wasn't there, but was, and it gets all.. wibbly wobbly, timey wimey," he explains.
"Yeah you do, you're pretty good with that thing. I want to get one of those plasma swords," he says to Ceres.

Listening to his sister, Davor grins and comments when he has a moment, "See, that's where we're different. She's breathing the past, I'm looking to the stars." Or past/future. "I do enjoy the old sites, but seems like they're just more and more crowded, the areas you can go to while visiting them." He shrugs, though. It is what it is. A dubious look over Mercury only having five places, as if he's counting some in his head as Sunny talks even. "Maybe its less impressive because you live there. I mean hometown, its regular old buildings, like really old, nothing fancy." But maybe others long for that.
The explanation of metaphysics gets another chuckle out of Davor too, "That's about my understanding of magic. I think there is more logic for us, or me at least. Its knowing which circuits of which element can interact between like the crystal and my genetics. Once that connection is there, its adding to the drone to release the potential I guess." Then, a slow nod, plasma swords are cool, he would like to try one, but then, he's not trained either. "You should get one, but its not your thing." He knows she likes more archaic than things like plasmatronic swords. <English>

"Merlin." Ceres breathes out in awe, eyes alight with the excitement of the thought of meeting the legendary wizard. "I don't know what it was like, but I'd like to see it now." Just imagining it, she adopts a dreamy smile before giving her brother and Sunny both another look. "I guess Earth does have a rich history of the human race, but each of the planets in the system have a history of their own. I do love the past, my brother prefers the present and the future."
A blush rises in her cheeks and Ceres holds a touch of pride in her voice. "Thank you. I do really enjoy the sword. I always try and get better with it." She doesn't mention other kinds of swords, leaves that to the two of them.
Something has her glancing at her OED and she smirks. "Mom said dinner is ready and for us to get home now." A mock groan, but she's secretly pleased. "It's your favorite, Dav. Which means tomorrow is my favorite." Getting to her feet, she grins at Sunny. "I'll see you again soon?" <English>

"Yeah, that's the most obvious difference between you two, otherwise I can barely tell you apart," Sunny jokes, and wiggles his toes in his shoes. Looking around and then back up at Ceres and Davor. "I guess that might be true, but maybe it's also because all of the best holovids are made on Earth," he says, and seems to be trying to think of why he thinks Earth is so cool.
Getting to his feet when Ceres does, he wobbles on his feet as his legs seem to have fallen asleep. He spends a few moments rubbing at his glutes then he smiles at her and says, "Sure, anytime! Maybe we can do some drills together, to practice for next time. But I can also just check with the instructors, the you know, mages, to see if I could just bring you there, too," he adds, when she looks so enthusiastic about the idea of going to Avalon.
A look at Davor and he asks, "You going too, then?"

"The most obvious," agrees Davos, "Most are very subtle, I got the better nose at least." Or something. Before he can think more about Earth, or Avalon, dinner is being called. "At present, I'm focused on my stomach I think." Moving to his own feet with the other two. "I can't pass up dinner, not my favorite. Cheese noddles," of some sort, probably just fancy mac and cheese. "I'm totally going. Glad we ran into you, I wasn't quite ready to go home after this day. I think a talk is what I needed." Half a look to his sister, she might know he isn't usually too social himself. "We'll see you around Sunny, thanks for being there today." And helping as he did. <English>

"Most obvious difference," Ceres laughs at that, wiping any grass or anything off the seat of her jeans and tucking her hands in her pockets. "There really are some good vids from Earth." An agreement comes easily. Once her brother is on his feet too, she bobs her head, "He's coming to dinner too. Or wait, did you mean to Avalon too? I'd love to go there. It'd be the opportunity of a lifetime, to see the place of legends and so much history!" A look towards one of the towers, where her family lived and she looks back. "See you later, Sunny. Dinner calls." She loves her food. <English>

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