(3018-01-28) J-Walk
Summary: It's an 'End of the Weekend' party!
Date: 3018-01-28
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House party at Mikey Robison's house is the word that gets around to a huge majority of both the adroits and phenoms, and which draws a number of students to the house somewhere in a nice picturesque part of Titan. Including Sunny, who shows up in proper party wear, and a case of something alcoholic to drink. "Party!" he says to the other kids as he walks up the lawn, and high fives the host as he walks inside to put his drinks on a table for people to take from. Looking around for anyone he knows, he greets a few of the other kids from Mercury with an upnod, while others earn a more sincere, "Hey you," sort of greeting where he ends up talking to them for a few minutes. Occasionally moving a little to the music.

Okay, so. New planet. New school. New neighborhood. New friends. Archer's parents /normally/ wouldn't be too keen on him going out this time of night without firm plans in place. However, after some discussion, the decision was made that yes, he should go and make new friends and get to know people. So, following the directions on his wrist, Archer has finally arrived at the party. Having been let in and already handed a Red Solo Cup (because some things just don't get old) filled with an alcoholic beverage, Archer is presently standing against the wall, smiling, nodding and watching.

It was a party, the first Ceres had heard of since her arrival. A friend of a friend and all that, but she'd taken it as being invited and so she'd come. Since she wasn't exactly sure what people would bring, and since she had her own preferences, she arrives with a pack of frou frou things, grape flavored, and after placing them down she selects one for herself. She's wearing jeans and a sweater, definitely not her usual party gear, but with this being a new place, she hadn't been exactly sure what to wear. Opening the drink she turns to look around and see if there are any familiar faces.

The constant dull beats from the stereo are rather catchy in a fashion about a hundred years past, but apparently back on the upswing, a form of synthetic operatic with a dance beat underneath it. It makes no sense to some people, but it gets bodies moving, and the hypnotic undertones are compelling even for those not into the latest and greatest on Titan. The drinks are many and diverse, since everyone has access to a sort of allowance for their needs, and 'entertainment money' is there to be had.
Swaying with the music, Sunny sways across the floor like seaweed, his hands above his head as he grooves out to the music. All sinewy. When he spots Ceres arriving through the door, he wiggles that way, calling out over the music, "Hey Ceres!" and leans over to look at her drinks, says not a word, and goes back to swaying. Titan style.

Yup. This party is pretty hype. Lots of people, dancing, boos, girls …. Archer nods along with the beat as he surveys the landscape. Yup. Bangin' party. He drinks from his glass, a small sip, after which he shakes his head to clear it- that bite of alcohol takes some getting used to! But then there's some form of kale making it's way throu- oh! "Sun-NY!" Archer shouts, lifting his glass to the first person he actually recognizes in the place. And then Sunny's headed towards … oh look! Another familiar face. If Ceres looks in his direction, he'll give her a similar salute. But, he's gotta play it cool and not go shouting after girls, right? <English>

The music made it harder to hear but Ceres didn't mind the straining to hear the greeting from Sunny. A hand is lifted in a wave and a smile for the familiar face. It's quickly followed by laughter after his dismissive look over her choice of drinks. "Grape isn't your flavor?" The question is more rhetorical than anything but she's clearly amused. "Great dancing music!" Her voice rising to be heard over the loudness.
Hearing Sunny's name, she glances over in time to see Archer. Lifting her bottle in return, she sort of tilts it towards him in a silent salute, a smile accompanying the gesture. "I take it you've met the new guy?" The question is asked of Sunny as the guy continues his dancing. Not to be conspicuous, she starts dancing too, because everyone there is dancing and holding their drinks. <English>

Turning at his name being said, Sunny immediately offers a low-five and asks, "Hey Archer, you didn't get to go yet, did you? Tomorrow morning?" immediately making conversation, as if he hadn't had to split earlier to hang out with his foster folks. The tall boy immediately then swaying back into the music, he seems like one of those people who will dance unsolicited. Uninhibited, perhaps, by the amount of alcohol he has already had
Sunny then looks back to Ceres and smiles at her question, "Oh yeah, he's alright, he doesn't know anything yet, I was tempted to haze him, but I figure they'll do that plenty when he gets to the Adroit station. Your drinks?" he leans in to look at them again, and then reaches out with his own bottle to tap it against hers gently, "Nah, you're good. I just didn't want you to think I was gonna try to vulture it. If you want to keep those for yourself, you should hide them," he explains over the music.
Swaying a bit more, he turns his head to wave at some more phenoms he recognizes, before looking back to Ceres and Archer.

"Tomorrow morning," Archer calls back, nodding. He watches Sunny … dance … for a second, noticing that Ceres has joined him, and then chuckles. "Man, y'all don't even care, huh? Dance to anything as long as it's got a beat, right?" he asks, smirking. Taking another drink, he then gestures with his cup towards the party as a whole. "Y'all having a good time? Seems like everybody's having a blast." <English>

"You should dance, Archer. It's fun!" Ceres tries to encourage him, offering her free hand out to draw him nearer her and Sunny. "Join us?" It's just a bunch of bodies loosely moving to the music, widespread in the house to wherever one happens to be standing.
Clinking her bottle with Sunny's, she grins, "Oh I don't mind sharing, I won't drink that many or I'd never make it home. I sure don't want to end up in counseling or taken off planet to rehab for overindulging or something." An indication to his bottle, with a slight nod. "What is it you're drinking?"
With a look back to Archer, she tries to determine if he was going to join them or not, and she gives him an encouraging smile. "If you danced on Jupiter, it should be a piece of cake here." <English>

"Don't judge my sweet moves," Sunny says to Archer, reaching his hands up towards the ceiling and swaying along his whole body, loosening his joints a bit so that he flows all bendy-like. His hips and knees working at angles, and moving along to the beat of the music. Lowering his right arm slowly, his bottle held between his fingers at legnth, he takes a long swig and looks back to Ceres. He looks down at his drink at her question and then leans in to answer, "It's apple-cinnamon flavored, you can barely taste the alcohol, though I think it's high enough proof to take the paint off a car, or to be used for surgery," he jokes.
When she invites him to partake of her stash, he leans across her and picks one of the bottles from her case before someone else can 'vulture' it up.
"Yeah, come on man, don't be shy, show us the moves where you're from," he encourages, and finishes off that first apple-drink of his own, and swaps it out for one of Ceres'. He takes a few sips, makes a bit of a face at the taste, then stops dancing long enough to reflect, "I dig it. This would taste good with something really greasy."

Archer laughs and rolls his eyes when Ceres invites him to dance. "Alright, alright," he relents, taking the aforementioned hand. However, instead of swaying his arms above his head or anything, his dancing is mostly done from the knees down, toes pointing in, then out, then from side to the other, as he scoots a little from one side to the other. "We call this one J Walkin'," he announces after a few seconds. At the mention of drinks, he smirks a little and holds up his solo cup. "This my first alcoholic beverage! I can't tell how it tastes cuz it just burns my throat. But I like it!" <English>

- Sunny rolls his Acrobatics (4D+1) for a total of 12 (Wild Die: 5), perhaps enough for a Moderate task.

"Apple Cinnamon. I bet it tastes like the holidays. It smells pretty good, maybe I'll try something like that later, if it's not too strong." As long as holidays are still a thing. Ceres smiles before taking a big drink of her grape stuff. (Think Grape Smirnoff!) Goos stuff, she certainly enjoys the flavor of it. As he gets one she smiles her approval.
Giving a look over to Archer, she awaits him to join so that when he takes the offered hand she grins, glad he had joined them. His dancing earns him a cheer of approval. "J-walking!" Though it does gain the attention of several of the party goers and they start joining in like it was a line dance or something, and trying it out. "You started something! Check you out!" And peer pressure and all being what it is, she goes for an attempt too, laughing as she does. <English>

- You roll your Acrobatics (3D+0) for a total of 10 (Wild Die: 3), perhaps enough for a Easy task. (Ceres)

- Archer rolls his Acrobatics (5D+0) for a total of 18 (Wild Die: 5), perhaps enough for a Difficult task.

Seeing Archer's dance moves, Sunny immediately starts trying to learn the move, and watches, working first one leg, then the other, and his hands free to drink since his hands aren't moving around or swaying, he says, "This is better for drinking," with a grin. He seems to have picked it up to a decent degree, but not like, amazingly so, but he does his best impersonation of the other boy, even as he continues to dance with Ceres, drinking the grape with an enthusiastic smile.
"This is good stuff, is it local?" he asks of her as he dances, nodding in approval at others as they start dancing the J-walk. "Nice!" he says to one kid who has some rather stellar moves, as if he'd done it a hundred times before. One of those kids who'd show off at the talent show, if they ever had one. Not that Sunny expected they would. Too normal.

Well, then! Once everybody starts doing the same thing, Archer does take it up a notch or two, throwing in some extra slides or skips while keeping the same basic rhythmn. Because, c'mon, if everybody's looking, he's gotta show them /something/! And yes, with his elbows locked at shoulder level, he's able to dance continually while barely jostling his drink. Thankfully, the song ends soon enough so Archer can stop dancing and move back a little, trying to play down all the people who wanna pat him on the back and congratulate him and stuff.
Smirking at Ceres, he shakes his head. "How you go'n put me on the spot like that? Man, got everybody looking at me now and stuff? Shoot. Why you ain't showing us some of them O.G. Earth moves?" he asks, reaching to give her shoulder a gentle and playful budge. "And Sunny, if you ain't started doing it to, nobody else woulda. Now people go'n think I can dance or something. Y'all ruining my rep and folks don't even know my name!" But, the fact that he's smiling and laughing about it means he's not actually upset about it. <English>

Ceres gives it a try. No, she's certainly not good at it, she's out of beat, but she's good natured about it though, laughing and continuing to attempt it. "It's harder than it looks!" Indeed it does make it a whole lot easier to drink and so she does drink, almost finishing her first one so she can reach over and get a second before they are gone. It leaves her a drink in each hand though, so she tips her head back and finishes the first one, placing the empty on the nearest flat surface.
"I don't know if it's local or not, but I really like it." It's light, candy tasting, but alcoholic enough to do the job. Ceres is definitely a light weight, but she seems to be holding her own, no stumbles or acting weird like girls sometimes do. "Oh, Archer, you did great! Just take it and have fun with it!" The more complicated moves lose her and she stands to watch like several others, some clapping and cheering him on while Ceres grins, back to her swaying and drinking. "I'm not good at dancing, I guess. It's just fun trying." Sharing it with Sunny too, since he'd been doing the same dance as Archer, she smiles, "Both of you have moves!" <English>

Going off when Ceres finishes her first grape drink, Sunny tracks down his six-pack of bottles and comes back with one of the bottles, handing it to Ceres, since she'd expressed interest and shared, besides. Thankfully, they hadn't all been taken by wandering drinkers. Drinking from his half-full grape-drink, he rejoins in the dancing, and nods in beat the music at Archer, "Go Archer, go Archer!" he says, trying to get people to join in on the cheer, but nobody else knows the new guy's name, except Ceres, so it doesn't really take off.
Putting his hip against the table, he pauses to drink a bit.
"So I was talking to one of the guys who'd have to give approval, and I think I can get you through to see Avalon, sometime soon," he says aside to Ceres, leaning in to talk to her over the music which has moved onto some other song of that same retro operatic wave with the dance beats.

Archer smiles when Ceres tries to do his dance, then chuckles when she gives up. "Nah, you dance fine. Just something different. I can show you some other time," he says. Then they're talking about drinks again, so Archer takes another sip from his and goes back to just kinda nodding his head to the music. Then, some people come up and ask him to show them how to do the thing he was just doing again, so he sighs and agrees, slowing down the J-walk motions a little so they can follow it easier, totally not eavesdropping on the conversation about going to Avalon. <English>

Surprised at the gesture, Ceres accepts the apple cinnamon drink and puts hers aside, back on the counter where it's quickly swooped up by another girl who goes off to dance close to another guy. A dance that totally doesn't go with the current music playin. For all intents and purposes, Ceres tries to get the 'Go Archer' thing going too, but with a grin, she gives up. "That was some fancy dancing, Archer. You never said you could dance." The whole one time before that they'd met.
While he shows the dance off, Ceres watches and listens to Sunny, the delight registering on her features as she realizes what he was saying. "The same Avalon, right? With Merlin? And rich with the stories of King Arthur and all?" Oh yes, she was so buried in the past she practically swoons at the opportunity to touch a part of it even if only for a moment. <English>

Out of a pocket, Sunny also ends up producing a drink for Archer, he'd apparently smuggled a second drink from his own stash for the other guy. "Here you are, man, it's good," he suggests and holds it out. "Yeah, you should totally teach classes man, you've got moves," he says to Archer encouragingly. He nods at Ceres' words, and is encouraged by her enthusiasm. "I'm not sure about stories, and I don't know how Merlin would like you hassling him about them, but I'm sure you'll see some things from the stories. It's pretty sweet."
Taking another sip from the grape drink, he finishes it off, and reaches over to put it on the nearest table.
"Not to bring up bad memories, but you been doing okay with what happened the other day, with the Curseling?" he asks.

"Oh, thanks, but I'm good, man! Still working on this one," Archer says, holding up his cup as he declines the additional drink offered to him. First time drinking, after all! At the suggestion that he should teach classes, Archer just shakes his head and laughs. "Oh man, come on, guys. I did /one/ thing that everybody back home can do, and now y'all saying I should teach classes? Yeah right. Y'all too funny." The talk of Merlin and things doesn't really mean anything to Archer, but he notices the sparkles that show up in Ceres' eyes when she thinks about it and it causes him to smirk a little. But, then the talk gets serious, and he wipes the smirk away by taking another drink from his cup. <English>

It was true what her brother always said. Ceres was all about the past. History was her thing, specifically Earth history and stories from the blue planet. "I won't bother Merlin, but if I could just see him from a distance that would be so amazing. You both should read about the tales of King Arthur, the knights with swords and the romance and.." A soft sigh, "It's just such good stories." The whimsy of it all is what captures her at the moment. Only when the mood turns more serious, like Archer she takes a drink and loses the smile. "I am all healed up. Are you?" This time it's asked directly to Sunny before she shifts to look at Archer. "Sunny is the one I mentioned who beheaded the Curseling. He could tell you how it felt just to be near it, that fear and all. It was awful." <English>

The tall brunette boy grins and says, "I have read some of those, I mean, I'm not going to find the hidden rooms if I haven't read any of it. I'm betting he has a secret room somewhere, I mean, he has to, right?" Sunny questions with a laugh and nods over at Archer, as if he were part of the conspiracy. Looking back to Ceres, he says, "Healed up? No, still have a bruise on my ribs, but I'm letting it heal on its own. Have you heard anything about the third sergeant?" he asks, speaking of the mech pilot who'd been tentacled. "Yeah, I already talked with him about it. I think we'll need to figure out how to copy that effect and teach soldiers what it's like to be around, so they aren't shocked by it. I know I was a bit shocked at first," he mentions.

"Hey, long as I know it's coming, I can be ready," Archer says, confidently. However, the confidence falters rather quickly. "Although, I guess I haven't ever really been /around/ magic, so I don't know what to expect …." He shakes his head, though, chasing doubt away. "But that's what they're supposed to teach us, right?" He grins and finally does bottoms up his cup. "Okay! NOW I'm ready for another drink," he says, rubbing his hands together and waiting for someone to provide it. <English>

"Hidden rooms! I'm so jealous you get to go to school there and I'm stuck on a space station. I wish I was just placed wrong and that I would get to go to Avalon." Ceres even pouts a little, but that's likely more from the drink enhancing the mood than something she would usually do. "I went to the medical for mine and they healed me right up." Of course limbs can even be regrown too, but hers was nowhere near that bad! "I haven't heard anything about him. I hope he survived. I really do." A solemn nod of agreement and she sips more of the apple cinnamon drink up until her OED alerts her to a message from her mother about getting home. After all she had school tomorrow. "Yeah, Archer, that's what they are supposed to be teaching us. I have to go now guys, but I had a really good time. Thanks for the dancing, the drink and the fun." <English>

"You're on your own, Dancer," Sunny says when the other boy asks for a drink, a tiny bit inebriated. When he hears that the other boy has never seen magic, he briefly considers doing something, but thinks, even in his altered state, that it might be a bad idea to practice outside of the constraints of either his assigned missions, or training. He suddenly can't remember if they'd said not to, so he just stands here dancing a little, idly. "Hey, it's pretty cool, I won't lie, but when you .. stop doing magic.. the magic wears off?" he questions his own words as he even says them, and shrugs at himself. "See you later, Ceres," and walks with her through the party , nodding for Archer to follow. Once out on the stoop outside the place, he says, "Wait a minute, you did see magic earlier, you saw me do it," he points out. "The thing. In the .. thing, in the shuttle."
And there they stand, the one boy explaining to the other for a goodly while, talking about how magic wasn't always obvious, and then about Jupiter's moons.

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