(3018-01-28) Meeting the Archer
Summary: Ceres runs into Archer at the Albion Commons.
Date: 3018-01-28
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Albion Commons - Salian City

A large green circular space marks the center of Albion Commons. At its center is the bubble like space that serves as the Avalonian Teleporter for the Phenom students. Twice per day, this bubble structure is moved aside to open the bay doors for the Aristarchus Shuttle launch and return for the Adroit students. There are four primary boulevards that lead away, each in a primary direction relative to the four Commorancies that house the students and their families. A secondary walk is some ten meters off the ground and it circles the outer ring of the green space, it includes a walk that heads off towards Titan Square at the center of Salian City.
The commons is full of green space, but less like a park is it is more like the grounds of a college campus. In a manner, as the homes for Phenom and Adroit students and their families, it is as close to a college campus as one is to find here. Scattered between the towers of the Commorancy are several utility buildings that includes a library and several museums designed for the purpose of post secondary educations. Each boulevard leading off is cushioned between two large pillars that support banners for the Commorancy to which it leads.

Air. It's not something most people think about. Since it's absolutely required material for living and having a pleasant day, most human beings never stop to consider what a commodity it can be. But, when you grow up in a biodome with air that is constantly recycled and refreshed, clean, natural air is a delicacy. It smells different. It /tastes/ different. It moves different. But, you'd have to have lived without it to appreciate the difference. Which is what Archer happens to be doing right now. Standing to the side of one of the walkways, leaning against a railing with his eyes closed, Archer's head is tipped back and he is just breathing. Nice, even, deep breaths, in and out. And the soft smile on his face makes it appear that he is very much enjoying himself, while he's at it.

Probably it all tastes different whichever planet you happened to be on at the moment. Saturn, or the moon of it, was different than it was on Earth. At least to Ceres. While she's not breathing in deep savoring breaths, she's certainly partaking of it. Checking something on her OED, she almost runs into the bigger brick wall of a guy but stops short just in time. It's the smile he wears that catches her attention and has her hesitating instead of stepping around him. So few people looked happy recently that it captures her and brings a second glance. "Hi," she greets him, disturbing the moment, a tentative smile offered in his direction. <English>

Almost startled, Archer's eyes fly open and he looks to the source of the sound. And then he blinks and probably takes at least a beat too long to respond. "Hey! Um … was I in your way?" he asks, looking around. … nope … he hadn't wandered anywhere with his eyes closed …. <English>

Her own hesitation is a bit apparent and Ceres glances beyond him before giving her attention back to him with a sheepish look. "Oh, I didn't really mean to interrupt you or bother you or anything. You just looked really happy. Sort of approachable, I guess." Second guessing herself a little now, she tries not to show it, but gives a lopsided smile as she tucks her hands in her back pockets. "You're not in the way. Do you live here?" A toss of her head back towards the condos for the kids and the familes. <English>

"Appro- …," Archer starts, sounding confused. But, when the girl looks self conscious, he stops and instead offers her a friendly, if a little sheepish, smile. "Sorry. I was just … see, we just came from Jupiter, and the air is all recycled, imported air. So, this natural stuff? It's pretty awesome," he explains. "And yeah, I live in the Eastern … erm … commodity? Eastern … the east ones. Name's Archer." He offers the girl his hand to shake, asking, "What about you?" <English>

The smile is back and that approachable look with it. Or it's how Ceres interprets it anyway. The little crooked smile she wears inches up on the other side, evening it out. "Jupiter. I guess I've never been there before. Just here and my home planet. I don't think I'd like so much manufactured air. I get enough of that in my armor." That he mentions the same condo area has her glancing back over her shoulder to the tower before looking back at him. "Me too, I live in the Eastern Tower. I'm Ceres." Slipping her smaller hand into his, she gives a shake, "It's good to meet you, Archer." <English>

"Yeah, nice to meet you," Archer echoes, maybe holding her hand a second longer than he should have. He chuckles, nervously, releasing it and rubbing at the back of his neck instead. "So … home planet? And if you're living there …. Are you one of the kids with magic or whatever, too?" he asks. "That's why I'm here. They brought my whole family." <English>

Ceres glances down at their hands and laughs a little when he does. Tucking her hand back into the back pockets of her jeans, she offers softly. "Earth. I used to go explore the ruins there all the time. I do miss it. My brother and I are saving up for a visit back there, hopefully during next school break. I'm one brought here for the school, the magic thing, yeah. So is my brother Davor. We're twins." Obvs, since everyone seems to be about the same age that had come. "We're all here too, my whole family. I'm glad we all came." <English>

"Oh. Really? A twin? That's cool. Yeah, I got two younger siblings that came with. And yeah … I can't imagine leaving them behind. Especially with no telling where the Curse is gonna show up next?" Archer says, shaking his head. Then, he shrugs a little and leans back against the railing again. "So, Earth, huh? Cradle of civilization and all that? That's pretty cool." <English>

"I never really wanted to live anywhere else. I really liked it. This place isn't bad though, but I still have so much to explore here too." Ceres smiles at the mention of his siblings, because she knows how she feels about her own. "Yeah his name is Davor, you'll probably meet him. I'm more about the past, he's more into the present, or the future. So you have younger ones? Sisters? Brothers? One of each?" Her expression sobers a little and she gives a solemn nod, "Yeah it seems to be spreading. At the briefing the other day we were told it's no longer just an idea, that we're ready to go out in the field after the initial test." <English>

Archer smiles, too, at the talk of family. "Yeah, one of each. My dad, he's a weapons designer, so our names are … well …. Blade Rose is my sister, just a couple years behind me, and Hunter Ivy is just in primary," he offers. "Blade was pretty upset about moving, too. All her friends and stuff. Me, I was ready." The talk of going out in the field piques his interest, though, and he straightens up a little. "Really? That soon? Have you started getting your powers yet? … er, magic, I mean? … magic powers? I dunno. Can you do anything cool?" <English>

"That must be a lot of fun, having younger ones. I guess they brought our whole families in case the younger ones show magic later too, since we're all in the lines for it. Maybe?" It's Ceres own deduction. "So what's your middle name? Your sister is Rose, your brother Ivy. Archer what?" Inquiring minds want to know. "I fight with a sword, it's mostly what I do. Maybe eventually I'll learn better how to use my magic to maybe make me stronger, or the sword more deadly or something but when we fought the Curseling." Ceres shudders, "There's nothing to prepare for it. It's just so bad. They have a tendril of stuff, gas? It almost killed the soldier in the mecha. Sunny, he's from Mercury, he lopped off its head." <English>

Archer grimaces when she asks his middle name and rubs at the back of his neck. "… how 'bout we save that for another time," he says, shaking his head. "Blade Rose and Hunter Ivy actually sound pretty neat together. Mine's … not." But, then she mentions a Curseling, and Archer straightens all the way up, fully at attention. "You've already fought a Curseling!? What was it like? Was there more than one? Did it have a Grimfang with it? How did you kill it? Just cut off its head, like normal? Or did he have to use like, some kind of magic spell on his sword so it would cut them?" <English>

His request is given a quick flash of a smile and Ceres doesn't press for it. "Another time," she agrees easily enough. As his questions come, she tries to find an answer for each of them, but fumbles and stumbles through some. "We did fight one, just one, he was stowed away on a ship and we were sent to rescue the ship that was a rescue ship to begin with. Chloe, she's like us, she's a team leader, and sort of take charge kind of girl. I like her, because she has good tactics and all. She didn't exactly lead us, but she had great ideas." A pause as she scrunches a brow. "The Curseling was.. it's so scary. Like you're afraid and can't hardly move so it makes it harder to attack because it makes you really afraid. It was one of the umm.." Another hesitation before the name comes. "Auratalon? I got scratched from it." She doesn't show where she was wounded though. "We tried cutting it up but even with Chloe shooting at it, it was hard. Finally, it was Sunny who killed it with his sword. He's a magic caster though, so maybe he did magic, I'm not sure how it worked. But he cut off its head because that's what he was ordered to do. For research or something. The head, I mean." <English>

"Oh man. That is sooo awesome," Archer says, settling back again as Ceres answers his questions. He shakes his head then, and glances down to see if there are any easily visible wounds on Ceres. "You got scratched? Wh-," … oh. Oh my. Is THAT what Earth girls look like? Archer's eyes quickly moving back up to Ceres' face, while he stammers, "Well, uh … you look good. I mean! You look fine. Like, you don't look like you're hurt, is what I mean!" He looks away, then, hand reaching back up to grip the back of his neck. <English>

The wound, or the place it was isn't obvious, but the flush in her cheeks is when he starts stumbling over his words and making them sound like unintentional compliments! Ceres casts her gaze downwards then regrets it and lifts them back up to his face, the pink darkening slightly. "I'm not hurt anymore, they put some stuff on it and it was almost as good as new." Almost. Lips quirk into a half smile as she looks away again, "Thank you though." In case it was an intended compliment! <English>

Nope, nothing to see here, nobody here but us chickens! Blessedly, while Archer might be embarassed, his skin doesn't betray him, so the only thing that might give him away is his rapidly darting eyes while he tries to reboot his mind and get the hottness out of focus. "Good! That's … good. Yeah," Archer says, studying the sidewalk very intently for a few seconds. He grimaces again, trying desperately to come up with something else to talk about. Something. Anything! "So you said you fought with a sword?" he asks, because he did remember her saying that. <English>

Like him, Ceres latches onto that, but she more focuses on his face than anything else around, now. "I do fight with a sword. I learned fencing just for fun, have been doing it for awhile now. I'm not terrible at it. So I decided why change what I already know? I can kind of shoot the firearms, I'm not amazing at that either, but like I sort of mentioned before, I'm more interested in the past and so I fight more like they did. Armor, swords, it's my preference. What do you do? How do you fight best?" <English>

Ah, yes. Weapons. Fighting. Definitely a much better subject. Safer subject. Yup! Feeling more comfortable once again, Archer's hand lowers from his neck and he spreads them behind him along the railing as he settles against it, looking back up at his soon-to-be classmate. "Yeah, with the war on, everybody on Jupiter had to take self defense classes and stuff. Me? I like the bo. Or, quarterstaff, I guess is more popular. I'm also pretty great with a GyroBow. They don't let kids shoot firearms, so I haven't ever really tried, but I'm a decent shot," he says, smirking. <English>

"I bet you're good with the staff. You've probably got a lot of upper body strength." An admission to noticing the muscles there, about as closes as Ceres will admit to it, it seems. "Oh, yeah, I guess so," on the firearms bit but she smiles a little. "We're in college here now so we can drink. Just, we have our allotted resources and if we go over we get in trouble. Or if we trade them wrong." Another look to her OED which has her scrunching her nose. "My mom is really big on us having dinner at the table as a family every night, so she'll be summoning me in a bit." Just a sort of.. heads up. <English>

"Oh! Okay. That's cool. … wait … we can drink?" Archer asks, blinking. "… I … don't think my parents would be too hot on THAT idea," he says, chuckling and shaking his head. "Well, I should probably go see if my family needs any more help settling in, too. And yeah, it's getting close to dinner time, so … do you wanna like … head that way?" he offers, gesturing with one hand towards the shared apartment complex. "I mean we could /both/ head that way. Not like, I want you to leave or anything, because I don't. I mean, you don't have to, is what I mean. Leave, that is. Or did you wanna stay here? Because that's totally cool, too, I was just saying." What's NOT totally cool? Archer's fumbling all over himself trying to talk to a pretty girl. But he finally relents and just shakes his head, letting Ceres sort out what she will from his ramble. <English>

"Well we're of age." Sixteen being the age, minimally at least, since the allocated resources for it were low. Ceres smiles, "That's okay, I don't either. My parents told me it was my choice, but they prefer we don't. So I don't." There's a glance towards the Easter tower and she smiles, "Yeah we can head that way, she'll be messaging me soon anyway. Dp your parents make you all eat together too?" She smiles at the rambling and just lets it go without calling him on it or embarrassing him or anything. "I guess we're neighbors. Or close, same building. That's pretty neat." <English>

"They don't make us, but they like it when we do. Back on Jupiter, dad spent a /lot/ of hours in the lab, so we ate without him pretty frequently. And I was pretty busy, too, so I'd eat later than the kids some days. But, I don't think there's anything /wrong/ with your parents wanting you to eat together, if you don't have scheduling conflicts. Besides, it's easier for food that way, too. Only have to cook once, do dishes once," Archer talks while they start walking back towards the homestead. "But, I can also see where it might kinda cramp your style, if you've got other stuff you'd rather do. I dunno," he finishes, shrugging and smiling. "And yeah, we are. Do you wanna like … exchange contact info or anything? I mean, I'm sure we'll see each other, since we'll be in school together, too, and stuff. But, if you wanted to get ahold of me outside of that, you could. If you wanted?" <English>

"I like family dinners together though, so it doesn't bother me at all." Ceres laughs mostly to herself. "I just love food, so it works out." There's an understanding nod about his own family and the reasoning for the separate dinner times, but mostly she listens as the two walk towards their homes. At the question, she smiles and reaches out for his hand, taking it in hers and lifting it so she can tap her OED against his. Instant info swap, depending on how he had his set up. Hers was to give her first name and phone number for message correspondence. "There you go." Releasing his hand once she's tapped the two together. "You can text or call me anytime." <English>

Well, that was what he had in mind, too, though Archer does seem a little surprised when his hand is suddenly grabbed. She'll likewise get his contact info, Archer Ryan, email, CID, and profile picture of him with a big cheesy grin. "Oh! Yeah, for sure, you can hit me up whenever you want, too." He looks down at his wristband, checking to make sure the new contact is saved correctly, and maybe also to highlight it and add it to his favorites so that it shows up right away, just in case he does want to talk to her right away. Or something. Then, he remembers his manners. "Oh, and thanks. I appreciate that. I really didn't know what to expect, coming someplace new, meeting all new people and stuff. But you seem really cool. I'm really glad to have met you," he says, smiling down at Ceres softly. <English>

Then he's all smiling again and everything and Ceres lifts her eyes to meet his and smile back in return. "It's been interesting so far coming here, but it's nice meeting the new people. I am glad to have met you, Archer, and I think it'll be fun going to the school with you. Maybe we'll have the same lunch break and all too." <English>

Archer chuckles and shrugs. "Probably. I'd imagine so, anyway. I don't know that there's enough of us to split up lunch breaks," he says. As they get back to the condos, Archer slows up a little, looking around. "So … do you wanna just hang out until she calls, or …?" he asks, turning back to Ceres while he waits for her decision. <English>

Once they arrive, Ceres glances towards the windows that house her own home, just a reflexive motion before she smiles back at Archer. "We could do that. It'll be any time though, but I can hang out here until then. Or we could hang out in the commons room," or whatever it's called just inside, since they lived in the same tower. <English>

"Well, if it's all right with you, I'd like to spend just a little bit more time outside? Like I said, I'm used to living in a dome. This is pretty fantastic, for me," Archer says, moving to sit on the nearest bench or sit-able object. "Speaking of, would you tell me more about Earth? I mean, of course we studied it and everything in school. But … what was it /really/ like?" he asks, his expression very curious and hopeful. "If you don't mind, I mean. I'm sure it probably seems dumb to you …," he adds, grimacing a little. <English>

"Outside is good!" Ceres agrees and when he sits down, she does too, but she seats herself on the ground, whatever grass is close to where he sits, and extends her legs out in front of herself. "It is nice here, but I think nothing compares to Earth. The air is great, the history," she sighs softly, a wistful sound. "There's so much to explore there. We even visited the ruins of Stonehenge and so many other places. I can't even imagine what life used to be like that. Well I can imagine it." <English>

Archer watches Ceres sit and then smiles softly as she talks about her home world. He listens, nodding gently, then smiles when she swoons. "Yeah … I bet. I can't imagine it at all. Being able to just go anywhere, do anything? Without having to worry about safety or breaches? And gosh, man, how light it is there? Even though they mitigate it a little bit in the dome, Jupiter has two and a half times the gravity of Earth." Then, he smirks mischievously, as he teases, "Man, you'd weigh almost 100 pounds there!" <English>

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