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Log titles should start with the OOC date, in the form: (3018-08-23) Log Title

Our Logs

(3018-02-02) Want a New Drug
Summary: A group of phenoms and an adroit are sent to a refugee camp to assess the situation. A...

(3018-02-01) Fries with that Salad?
Summary: Brienna meets Davor, some fries are sampled. Date: IC Date There were some...

(3018-01-31) The Room of Lost and Found
Summary: Sunny and Harper meet in the Hidden Begot, and both reveal a desire to move into...

(3018-01-30) Definitely Not Not Flirting
Summary: Harper and Archer meet in the grounds of Albion Commons, and for the first time, she isn't...

(3018-01-29) Reflections by the Lake
Summary: Harper's finding some alone time by the lake in Avalon, when she's joined by Sunny. Talk...

(3018-01-28) Sunny Meets Archer
Summary: Archer and Sunny meet while Sunny is investigating the shuttle to Aristarchus Station for...

(3018-01-28) Mercurial Musings
Summary: Two of Mercury's Phenoms meet over lunch, and talk turns to the recent mission on which...

(3018-01-28) Meeting the Archer
Summary: Ceres runs into Archer at the Albion Commons. Date: 3018-01-28 Albion...

(3018-01-28) J-Walk
Summary: It's an 'End of the Weekend' party! Date: 3018-01-28 House party at Mikey...

(3018-01-26) Field Test
Summary: After contact is lost with an evacuation ship from Caelus, the students are sent on a field...

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Use In-Game Logger

Create Logger

'@create <logger>' - replace logger with one word (logger, signpost, johnslogger.

'drop <logger>' - it will show up in rooms desc.

'+log/make <logger>' - sets up everything that is needed for the logger to work.

Using In-Game logger

For a list of all commands for the logger: '+help +logger'

The most pertinent are:

+log/on <logger> - simple enough, this starts taking in emits, and poses. It will remove channel, pages and OOC comments.
+log/off <logger> - turn it off (can be turned on to to continue a scene later.

+log/show <logger> - Displays the entire log, can be shortened (ie +log/show <logger>=5 Shows the last five poses.
+log/wiki <logger> - Displays entire log with most wiki formatting in place.

+log/wipe <logger> - clears the log history to make it ready for a new scene.

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