New Augustus

Largest city on mars, one of the larger cities off earth for that matter, New Augustus is a jewel showcase for the efforts of the TerGen process. With the large area converted to habitation for earth and our lifeforms, being in the city itself is no different than being on earth. One of the largest space ports is here on mars and its often used for moving around the solar system.


With an abundance of resources now starting to come naturally to the planet, a good amount has been channeled into the Martian sports programs and they continually show regularly in various playoffs and championships during bowl games, cups and system series played on Titan. They currently have one of the best sports complexes on the planets. Started during the System Olympics of 2844, it has grown into an impressive multi-level track and field extravaganza to the point that most track and field system cups are held on Mars. The only major track and field events of a system-wide level held outside of New Augustus.

Most outdoor leisure activities are, similarly, at a higher standard on Mars due to the amount of terrain converted to habitable. Earth remains just higher, but Mars has a lot of equestrian and punting level events in which they excel at.

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