Port Capena

Port Capena is the first and largest city on Mercury and it is also the capital of the Mercury system. Built on, and into, the side of Prokofiev Crater, it is a testament to early advancements in planetary colonization.


Built partially on the surface and partially in a massive cavern created by early colonizers, they shaped what would become the center features of the city through geothermal sculpting of a sort. Channeling heat to ice near or at the surface of the crater, in lower and permanently shaded ares blow the cities central level, melted water was channeled into what became Lake Lucrii.

The impressive lake is, once per year, partially frozen on the surface at least to give a sort of winter climate. Following the two year cycle of day and night, each year this time is celebrated slightly different in Port Capena. Heims Noctibus and Heims Diem are winter festivals that vary depending on if the sun faces down into the opening Ovid Hollow (the cave portion of Port Capena) during Heims Diem (Winter's Day) or the alternate year cycle in which the sun is behind the rim during Heims Noctibus (Winter's Night).

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