Ephemerides' of Mercury

Looking at the position of Mercury

To Understand Mercury is to understand its unique orbit and rotation.

One year on Mercury is just shy of 88 days of standard earth time.

One day on Mercury, however, is two years on Mercury. This is due to its rotation.

Its tilt is just around 2 degrees. Most cities are built near the north or south pole, inside craters. The sun is nearly always visible in some context just over the rim. Thus the upper parts of the cities are nearly constantly exposed while the lower parts of cities reside near the darkness.

Mercury has a long elliptical orbit. Thus its perihelion (time its closest to the sun) leaves it roughly 28 million miles from the sun. Its aphelion (furthest point from sun) is 43 million miles.

Due to this variance, and temperature effect on the early geothermal terra formation and TerGen process, the winter sees enough variance that the man made lake at the heart of the city will experience some traditional freezing at its surface.

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