Planetary Defense

The Planetary Defense is the branch of service designated to defend and protect a planet mostly from within the atmospheres of planets and moons. Basically most light space vessels, such as fighters, and the upgraded array of hover vehicles typical to planets that are not space worthy are under the command of Planetary Defenses.


There are central training facilities on each planet, but as a cohesive whole, any cadet that graduates will be assigned to other planets as needed with no guarantee they will be stationed in their home planetary system. The main focus of these forces is directed at larger threats to a planet, including the possibility of invasion from space. Regardless that prior to the Curse, there hasn't been a threat detected in the universe, a regiment of defenses has always been maintained as a safety protocol.

It has been beefed up since the Curselings even though their vehicles and massive surface to space weapons are pointed at space itself.

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