Space Force Command

The Space Force Command (SFC) is responsible for all military space operations as approved by the Council of Planets for the protection of humanity as a whole. General protection of the planets overall through the employ of capital ships and space stations. Their central command is located on the Aristachrus Station in orbit over Titan in the Saturn System.


Up until the Curselings, SFC has focused on science and data collection of the solar system itself and dealing with potential threats such as asteroids and drifters from the Oort Cloud. Further, the Curselings do not use space itself to move from planet to planet. Though, they are remaining vigilant, having moved in large capital ships to focus sensor arrays on planetary systems occupied or invaded by the Curse.

More important to war efforts, the Astro Corps are a Department of the SFC. They utilize capital ships and shuttles to navigate the Astro Corps into positions to launch missions and counter offensives against the Curselings as directed by the Grand Admiral of Space Force Command in conjunction with other services to further war efforts.

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