A strong mix of geological features, when Colonists choose to start work on Triton just under 200 years ago, they choose plains facing the planet. Despite that Neptune is at a distance enough to appear as a continual moon in the nearly perpetual night sky that is the outer regions of the solar system, there were mining opportunities and TerGen lighting and heat available to accommodate for the cold and dark that is Triton. Despite the availability, Neptunians have embraced the darkness more than wanting to rely completely on the TerGen technology to artificially simulate normal day-cycle routines.

Even though these were choices made, there are still days of chosen light and normal day-cycles generally associated with times of celebration and festival on Triton. Actium typically picks the equivalent of one weekend per earth-standard month to allow the effect of sun-light and warm to shine over it, but otherwise exists in the light of the city itself.

Most contact off Triton has been lost since the arrival of the Curselings and the transformation of the planet. The atmosphere remains suitable for humans and is expanding at a far greater rate than was occurring through human technology and the TerGen process. Most humans are not privy to this expansion of the terraformation due to servitude to the Curselings.

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