Awards (+noms)

Awards and +nominations

A look at what staff will award above and beyond the +nom system that is in place already.

Everything on +nom can be found in '+nom/help' in the game.

Rather than sitting in the same rooms with the same people, staff are seeking to award playing with new players and people.

The easiest way is to host and/or join a Welcome to the Game Scene. A new player may set up such an event for themselves or an established player may work with them to host such an event. The level of social and plot is between the host and the players that show up to such an event. Staff will watch for logs of these events to be posted and will accept +requests to point us in the right direction. Any participant will receive an additional 2 CP for being a part of such a scene, on top of any +nom's given for behavior, action, and role-playing during such an event.

The second method is to +nom players based on their current +nom award level. The various levels can be views by typing '+nom/levels' in game. To see where levels of other individuals, type '+nom/leaders' in game.

Nominating individuals with few noms will net more CPs for both the nominee and the nominator depending on differences in levels.

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