Player Run Vs Meta

Metaplot relates to the overall direction of the game from the level of Staff, whether that is news and happenings beyond the scope of the players, or events that staff run for players which furthers that plot.

The focus of metaplot, overall, is the incursion into our world by the Curse and how this relates to the Society and the children of legend; the Phenoms and Adroits. The focus from staff will relate to dealing with the Curse and this the central area of play as concerns metaplot will be action oriented. This may influence how one wishes to choose or build a character.

Aside from metaplot, Player Run Plot is certainly welcome and strongly encouraged. Any plot a player may devise that does not affect the overall meta of the game is definitely welcome to be ran without staff approval. The meta of the game includes the Phenoms, Adroits, both schools, Salian City and the incursion by the Curse itself.

This does not mean these areas are off limits. If a group of Adult characters are in the military together and want to run plots involving fighting the Curse, this is welcome. In fact, it doesn't need to be approved if it doesn't change the overall efforts to stop the Curse.

That is, if the Curse is winning in an area, players can run plots of battles or missions against the Curse all they like without staff approval, knowing overall the Curse will continue to win in that area unless staff are notified.

This is not to say players can not run plots that can change the development of meta. Only that, if players beyond the central focus of play want some more direct involvement to help make meta change, they should communicate with staff on their intentions.

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